Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cancel Your Sunday Lunch Plans....Just Sayin....

Fall in Pennypack Park. I'm ready.
Today is officially the Autumnal Equinox. Do NOT change your clocks back!!! I almost had a heart attack thinking this was the "fall back" day and we didn't take the time change into account! It's cool. I'm breathing again after my husband told me I was an idiot.

Could it be fate that we are celebrating the Mayfair Fall Festival on one of the very first days of Fall or are we just planning geniuses? I'm going with geniuses and if you think I'm not going to squeeze every last drop out of it for marketing purposes you clearly have NOT been reading this blog long enough. My honest suggestion to you: Grab a sweater, throw on some jeans and if you have breakfast, lunch or even dinner plans for Sunday, CANCEL them and start fasting now because we've got more food coming at you! And really, the Iggles don't play Arizona til 4pm so that's plenty of time to attend, shop your heart out, eat or come and grab something for the game to nosh on. TOUCHDOWN!!!


I dub this cupcake the "OMFG" flavor.
First up is The Sinful Cupcake & Cafe located in Skippack, PA. Oh excuse me....I just drooled on my keyboard and it shorted out. Whoops! I've been DYING for a good cupcake recently and it looks like I'm about to get my wish. I don't know specifically what kind of cupcakes Tacony native/baker/owner Kristen Sullivan and her hubby Bob are planning on bringing but allow your eyeballs to visually feast on some of their typical flavors: Pumpkin Creme Liqueuer Rum Yum, Smore's, Nutty Black Magic, Chocolate Triple Salted Caramel & Vanilla Bean. Should I go on? Do I have to?? I mean, seriously you should be lining up at the Frankford/Cottman Triangle like the iPhone 5 is going to be available Sunday morning except THIS iPhone 5 will be covered in frosting. Here's their Facebook page if you so feel the need to lick your computer screen (mmmmm....dusty..) The Sinful Cupcake & Cafe

Organic Soaps and Bath and Body Products

Well now that you've sinned with Sinful (Sugar frosted sinner!! REPENT!! NEVER!!) we need to do something good for your body. Stan's Health Foods fully fits the bill and specializes in making sure you aren't junking up your beautiful produce-croissant-cupcake-bagel- honey-filled-flower-toting- physique with the processed and harmful chemicals sometimes typically found in our everyday soaps, shampoos and lotions. Not to scare you, but have you looked at the ingredients on your soaps and shampoos; it ranges from "can't pronounce that" to "WTF is that?"! Stan's Health Foods is another one of our fabulous MBA members and owner Sharon will be bringing out a selection of organic soaps, bath and body products, sunscreens, and essential oils for sale. If you so happen to miss the Mayfair Fall Festival and Farmers' Market preview (sacrilege!)  these are products that Sharon sells regularly at her store during the work week. She got a whole slew of great stuff at her store...teas, gluten free foods (she'll be selling that at our 10/14/12 market!!), essential oils...all of it healthy, all of it geared toward your goals of living the best you possibly can, keeping the junk out of your system, and trying to make you less flammable.

Food Trucks

You know what? Your diet is already blown and it's a scientific fact that you actually need to think about putting on some pounds to keep you cozier in the winter.Who says? Dr. Fatty Magoo, that's who! How DARE you question science!! Because you obviously haven't eaten enough today we have 2 more substantial offerings of good old fashioned gourmet grub for you brought to you by the Philly Mobile Food Association; Lil' Dan's Gourmet Lunch Truck and White Dragon. P.S. Have ANY of you seen the Food Truck episode of 'Bob's Burgers'? Does anyone find that show hilarious like me and my hubby? Alright, screw you guys, I recommend it. Onto the food then....

Lil' Dan's "Godfather" Sandwich
Lil' Dan's was started in September of 2009 by Daniel and Laura Pennachietti, in  memory of their son Daniel Pennachietti Jr. who passed away in September 2005. They are a close knit family made up of a strong Italian and Irish heritage and have friendly ties to the Northeast. When I talked with Big Dan on the phone he was so excited to be a part of our festival.  He said he had been wanting to get up into this neck of the woods for awhile and just hadn't had the chance or the opportunity to do it. Big Dan, being awesome and considerate of all foodies, also has some vegetarian and gluten free options for us all as well. Do yourself a favor and go to their website and read their menu here at Lil' Dan's and then tell me if you still want to go home and cook for yourself on Sunday. Amirite? Thought not!

Japanese Street Food from the Future! So pretty! Love it!
And last but certainly not least, is Nicole Zalewski and White Dragon which she bills as "Japanese street food from the future." I'm equal parts scared and more than a little intrigued. Nicole was also a  bit intrigued about what she could offer the fine citizens of Mayfair who may or may not be used to the more exotic cuisines. She specializes in fresh seafood pancakes and some vegan friendly meals like vegan curry and vegan curry burritos. Nicole knows that's not everyone's cup of tea so she's offering some more family friendly fare like sweet versions of her pancakes in chocolate chip. While I was trolling (stalking) her Facebook page (White Dragon) I caught a mention of her having "the best chocolate balls on the East Coast." Since she's in the food business I'm going to reserve the wit and go with the mature Micheal Scott response of "That's what she said." Guaranteed, I'll be first in line to try them.

Balls. *snicker*

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