Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Thirty One!!

One of our newest MBA members, Melinda Mulvenna, sells Thirty-One bags. She's a Mayfair local and one of the first people I knew who sold Thirty-One. You don't know what Thirty-One is? Clearly you've been living under a rock or are a single male with no female relatives. 

June is winding down but there are still great June specials to be had. Thirty-One's most popular product, the Large Utility Tote, is available at a great low price all June. I'm not even kidding you that I was skeptical about getting one of these but I had already bought some other stuff and it was $10 (just like the June special--hint, hint). I was thinking "What am I going to PUT in this?" The answer: EVERYTHING!!! The kids toys, soccer balls, beach gear, dirty laundry, groceries....everything. I've never been more happy with a purchase and the versatility of one product. 

See it here in the cutest flip flop print!! Gaaaahhh! Cute, summer overload!! 

You want it now don't you? Of course you do!!!! Contact Melinda at 215-964-3635 , email her at

 ken92min@comcast.net or visit Melinda's Thirty One Website. 

Melinda can also be found at most of the Mayfair Farmers Market's. Our next one is on Sunday, June 23rd from 9am to 1pm!!