Sunday, March 24, 2013

This Week in Mayfair (03/25/2013)

Short on inspiration tonight. Here are the topics I've thought maybe I could write about:
1. March Madness (nah.)
2. The fact that spring isn't here and everyone wants to kill Punxsatawney Phil.(overdone.) And P.S. I just saw the weather report for tomorrow....screw you Phil.
3.  The fact that my lack of inspiration is so bad I can't even think of a 3rd ridiculous reason.....

It's bad, kids....I'm thinking of phoning it in but I can't. I'm just going to keep typing while half watching the Flyers/Pens game and hope that something hits me (and hope that someone sends Sid the Kid into the boards). Easter is next about some potentially traumatizing Easter-inspired pictures?? I can do that!

The root of Suzy's leporiphobia.

Two tabs of acid before the Easter Egg Hunt = bad idea

The reason Aunt Wanda isn't allowed near the sacramental wine at Easter Mass anymore.

The balloon poodles around his arm destroy the theme continuity of this outfit....
God, I hope that's a carrot....

One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small.....

 Alright, let's get to the real reason you're all here...finding out what's going on in Mayfair.

At the Grey Lodge Pub it's a pretty quiet week. Taco Tuesday continues to live up to it's name. It is Tuesday and they serve Tacos. BOOM! So simple and elegant, it hurts. Taste the deliciousness along with the many magnificent types of beer on tap. There's a reason why the Grey Lodge Pub has been named one of Zagat's 14 Philly Bars for Beer Nerds. See the article here and stop into congratulate Scoats and staff on this great accomplishment. I mean we all KNEW this already but it's nice that the rest of the city is catching on....welcome to the party, Philly.

And since it's a bar for nerds, what do nerds like better than beer? Intellectual prowess and bragging rights all rolled into one Wednesday night Quizzo package. Trust me. I may have gotten my nerd card revoked for not liking the Big Bang theory (still not funny to me..sorry!) But I make up for it with my LOTR, GoT, Trekkie, comic book and gamer love. Promise. I don't wear fake glasses, I wear real glasses. Take note, hipsters...take note.

Pitch black sense of humor. I love you, you sick twisted MF'er.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This Week in Mayfair (3/18/2013)

I've decided I'm going to be a meteorologist specializing in sensationalism (is there any other kind?). I'm leaving blogging behind for the wonderful world where I can be 90% inaccurate and I still getting paid a lot of money to whip everyone into a "get thee to the store for french toast supplies" froth. I have no formal training so I'm just going to read random excerpts from the doomsday parts of the Book of Revelations and really get things going. Today's forecast? Locust NorEaster!!! Everyone run for the stores!! There's the slight chance of a blood rain and maybe some toads. Is that the Four Horseman on the horizon? To the shovels and salt!!!
Nuclear winter is coming.

So while I'm picking out my next outfit for the 5 o'clock news, (hands off that pink dress, Adam Joseph!!) I'll give you the goings on in all of Mayfair because I can't forget my roots and where it all started! At least until I  become wildly successful and make enough money to buy myself some blue-blood roots and then you can suck it, losers!! That is until I botch something horribly and need to hide out from the paparazzi/law because I got caught snorting 8 kilos of cocaine off some senator's ass. Only then will I come back to Mayfair with my Louis Vuitton luggage and fabulous wardrobe to get drunk, make some quirky and hilarious observations, fall back in love with my high school sweetheart and live happily ever after. Oh, female centered rom-coms, you fill my empty, jaded heart so much! Off to feed my cats now!

Today is Taco Tuesday at the Grey Lodge Pub starting at 7pm. Tacos are awesome. Everyone likes tacos. The Grey Lodge Pub makes the best tacos and may be harboring a dangerous secret.  More on this at 11. (Hmmm....maybe I'll just do broadcast journalism in seems like just as much fun.)

Breaking News!! Superiority at Quizzo makes people want to have really dirty sex with you!! More on this Wednesday at 8pm on the second floor of the GLP.  Bring protection. And by protection I mean a really good raincoat....we're going to have torrential rain, a dust storm and tornadoes that night.

There are no words....

And now for another very obvious immature sexual innuendo on my part.  (I mean really, Scoats...tacos? woody? These bad jokes are just writing themselves). It's a Woody Weekend at the GLP!!! Yaaaaaaaay!! (in my head that was a The Muppet Show Kermit the Frog introduction).

On Friday, 3/22/13 Weyerbacher Woody Weekend kicks off from 6pm-9pm. There will be a ton of Weyerbacher wood aged beers on tap like Insanity and Heresy as well as Weyerbacher bottles of Riserva and maybe some Sour Black. Of course there will be a Woody Woodpecker sound a like contest. Unfortunatley, there is a 50% chance the contest will be interrupted by a combination meteor shower/avalanche but it's not certain. Just bring extra food and your camera just in case.

And last but not least, the feel good story of the century. The Mayfair Arts Initiative presents Third Thursdays in Mayfair! Here's the Facebook event page. Local artists, light refreshments (WINE!!) and good times (WINE!). Get your culture on at Headquarters this Thursday starting at 7pm. Come to 7213 Frankford Ave and see what people are creating in your neck of the woods. We've got some amazing artists and artisans in these parts and this is your chance to see it first hand before they're wiped off the face of the earth by an elephant stampede that should be arriving on Friday.

Monday, March 4, 2013

This Week in Mayfair (3/11/13)

I saw the first robin of spring today!!!!

I think I can blame the complete and total brain fart I had last week on Spring Fever. I had written the whole spiel about the Grey Lodge Pub but I was looking at the wrong week. I think I'm just excited to get through March and jump straight to Memorial Day weekend. Hopefully you remembered to "Spring Forward" with your clocks so you aren't an hour late for work on Monday. Unless you want to be then by all means, use the excuse I just gave you.....

This week the Grey Lodge Pub is crazy packed with great events to get you in the mood for the great weather coming! It's Taco Tuesday on Tuesday (03/12/13) so gear up for some famous GLP tacos. It's also the Lucky 13 Homebrew Club meeting for March. And I was unaware of this but the Lucky 13 have a Facebook page if you'd care to join. Click this link:  Lucky 13 Homebrew Club.

So first we have tacos and then it's time to settle in for pi(e) on 3/14 (immaturely giggling at the very obvious joke there--tee hee! It's still funny a week after I wrote it.). Scoats and the GLP will be celebrating Pi(e) Day with Yards Brewing, savory pot pie feast and brownie pie for dessert! Yards is bringing Trubbel de Yards, Yards Black Rye IPA and more. Uhhhhh...YUM!!

And it wouldn't be a Grey Lodge Pub event without some contests and these will definitely not disappoint. The first is the Pi Contest where the winner who recites Pi to the most places (correctly) will win a sweet prize! That starts at 7pm. The Pi Contest is followed immediately by Pi(e) Trivia at 8pm. How well do you know pi?.. or pie? And just an FYI, The answer is ALWAYS coconut cream regardless of the situation. Unless it's the summertime...then it's blueberry a la mode. Don't question, fool.

Also, make sure you spread the word about the new Mommy (or Daddy!) and Me Art Classes starting up on 3/23/12 at Headquarters (7213 Frankford Ave)! Classes will be held each Saturday from 10:30am-12am starting on March 23, 2013. Parents and children ages 3 and up are welcome! The cost is $60 a  month and a $10 supply fee. Please RSVP to Bill at 215-681-5293 as spaces in the class will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. Make sure you ask Bill about the other adult and children's art classes too (Beginners Drawing, Advanced Drawing, Acrylic Painting and Oil Painting.)

The Mayfair Memorial Playground (at Lincoln High School) will be holding their 3rd annual Easter Egg Hunt! If you've never brought your kiddies to this event it's a GREAT way to spend a fun afternoon with the family! This coming Saturday, March 16, 3013 from 11am to 1pm.You are asked to bring your own Easter basket and it's $2 per child. They get to "hunt" for eggs, play games, meet the Easter Bunny (who I SWEAR, is NOT as creepy as this guy):

The MMP committee also hosts the BEST bake sale around! Delicious cupcakes, cookies and goodies baked by fantastic community volunteers. 

All proceeds from this event go towards ongoing maintenance of the playground, the purchase of new equipment and if all goes well, a brand new 7 foot fence to keep the playground as safe as possible!! See you there! I'll be the one in the bunny ears!!!

Alright, there may be ONE bad thing about spring:

Sunday, March 3, 2013

This Week in Mayfair (03/04/13)

Did you catch the Shamrock Shuttle at all this weekend? Most of the revelers were out to have a great time and spend the day in Mayfair (to be fair...some were not, but they were dealt with by the fine folks of the 15th). Props to all the officers of the 15th police district, my fellow Mayfair Town Watch members, and Mayfair Civic Association members who were not allowed to imbibe, didn't have pure alcohol for blood, and who felt every bit of the 30 degree weather and the wind while walking around.

I got to see the beauty/fascination of it firsthand while walking around and it was......well, there are no real words so here are some pictures (courtesy of the fabulous and talented John Leong) along with the faces I was most likely making while witnessing it. Many of them were dressed to impress in their finest "Irish" garb. Many of them had already peed through their Irish garb by 3pm. Ahhhhh, to be young! Enjoy.

Yup. Sometimes a crazy picture is worth more than a thousand words.

Did anyone else notice that I jumped an entire week ahead with the Grey Lodge Pub events? Well, I did and since you guys read and re-read my blog because I'm hilarious and you can't get enough I wanted to apologize. This is now the edited version. Next week's version will be available next week and I can be a super slacker since half of it is already written for me! Whiskey for breakfast it is!!!! So the GLP is not as jam packed this week as it is next week but now you just have something to look forward to. But the events that are this week are real crowd-pleasers; Taco Tuesday and Wednesday night Quizzo. Get there!!!

I'd also like to extend a HUGE congratulations to Lisa Greco and the staff of MBA member, BellaLisa Hair Studios, for celebrating their 14th year in business! Congrats lovely ladies! Here's to another 14 more years of success! Thanks also to Lisa for breaking the news to me that I'm an idiot and I skipped an entire week.

While you're out and about this week, stop in and make sure you check out Lisa D's fantastic assortment of St. Patrick's Day earrings and accessories in time for the real St. Patrick's Day.

How cute is this hat/hair clip?
I need some shammy's for my ears!!