Sunday, March 24, 2013

This Week in Mayfair (03/25/2013)

Short on inspiration tonight. Here are the topics I've thought maybe I could write about:
1. March Madness (nah.)
2. The fact that spring isn't here and everyone wants to kill Punxsatawney Phil.(overdone.) And P.S. I just saw the weather report for tomorrow....screw you Phil.
3.  The fact that my lack of inspiration is so bad I can't even think of a 3rd ridiculous reason.....

It's bad, kids....I'm thinking of phoning it in but I can't. I'm just going to keep typing while half watching the Flyers/Pens game and hope that something hits me (and hope that someone sends Sid the Kid into the boards). Easter is next about some potentially traumatizing Easter-inspired pictures?? I can do that!

The root of Suzy's leporiphobia.

Two tabs of acid before the Easter Egg Hunt = bad idea

The reason Aunt Wanda isn't allowed near the sacramental wine at Easter Mass anymore.

The balloon poodles around his arm destroy the theme continuity of this outfit....
God, I hope that's a carrot....

One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small.....

 Alright, let's get to the real reason you're all here...finding out what's going on in Mayfair.

At the Grey Lodge Pub it's a pretty quiet week. Taco Tuesday continues to live up to it's name. It is Tuesday and they serve Tacos. BOOM! So simple and elegant, it hurts. Taste the deliciousness along with the many magnificent types of beer on tap. There's a reason why the Grey Lodge Pub has been named one of Zagat's 14 Philly Bars for Beer Nerds. See the article here and stop into congratulate Scoats and staff on this great accomplishment. I mean we all KNEW this already but it's nice that the rest of the city is catching on....welcome to the party, Philly.

And since it's a bar for nerds, what do nerds like better than beer? Intellectual prowess and bragging rights all rolled into one Wednesday night Quizzo package. Trust me. I may have gotten my nerd card revoked for not liking the Big Bang theory (still not funny to me..sorry!) But I make up for it with my LOTR, GoT, Trekkie, comic book and gamer love. Promise. I don't wear fake glasses, I wear real glasses. Take note, hipsters...take note.

Pitch black sense of humor. I love you, you sick twisted MF'er.

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