Monday, April 1, 2013

This Week in Mayfair (4/1/13)

There are 2 types of people in this world:

1. People who LOVE black licorice jelly beans going so far to buy an entire bag of JUST black jelly beans. (psychos)
2. People who despise, with every FIBER of their being, black licorice jelly beans.

I fall into the latter category and just thinking about them makes me gag. Crazy thing is that I like the taste of anise in pizelles and other goodies but I can't stand black jelly beans. And God forbid I eat one mistakenly thinking it's a dark purple one! My reaction is equivalent to having taken a sip of battery acid.
So you're just going to spit that jelly bean on the floor, huh? Classy.

As I was filling my son's Easter Baskets I was throwing out all the black jelly beans I could find. Not even giving them a chance to taste the nastiness that they are. Sorry kids, when you're 18 you can make your own decisions about what kind of filth you want to consume but you're under my roof right now!! Unfortunately, I must have picked the bag that got stuck under the black jelly bean machine because I swear half the bag was those little obsidian sugar-covered horrors--blech!! Begone!

So now that I've laid bare my candy hating soul we can talk about what really matters. Mayfair.

The weather is getting nicer and of course you know what that means, right? No, no, no!! I mean allergies, guys (who probably shouldn't be) walking around without their shirts on and girls who should NOT be wearing those shorts are all acceptable answers but I'm talking about outdoor community events!

You guys got any wife-beaters back there?

The Mayfair May Fair will be held on Saturday May 18th and this year we're doing it a little different. Frankford Ave is getting closed off from Bleigh to Cottman and it's going to be a rocking good time. Stay tuned for more details coming soon! Once we have everything planned out we'll be posting it all here: Mayfair May Fair 2013

The Mayfair Fallen Heroes Run is taking place on the same day as the Mayfair May Fair at 8am! So you go to the run, run, win the race, are hailed as "The Best Runner in Mayfair" and then you come up to the Ave for a party. Sounds great, right? Right! More information and to register online click the links below.
Facebook Page for Mayfair Fallen Heroes Run
Mayfair Fallen Heroes Run Online Registration

The inagural season of the 2013 Mayfair Farmers Market is getting ready to kick off in about 20 days. Are you ready? Fantastic vendors selling farm fresh, locally grown and sources produce, honey, free range eggs, poultry, desserts, artisan bread...YUMMMMMM!!! Check out the Mayfair Farmers Market Facebook page and stay tuned for more updates on vendors via the MBA blog.

Specifically, the Grey Lodge Pub and the happenings that are going on there. We should have this routine down pat by now....Tuesdays=Taco Tuesday, Wednesday= Quizzo. April 4, 2013 (4/4) is Quad Day. Feel free to work your quads with beer in hand while sipping on the four Belgian style Quad beers on tap. According to Scoats, quads are super high octane abbey style ales. The most common abbey style ales are doubles (or dubbels) that usually clock in at 7 to 8%, and triples (or tripels) which usually clock in between 9 and 10%. Less common are singles (oddly NOT also singels) which clock in under 6%, and quads which clock in at over 10%. I'm going to pretend I know what any of that Beerspeak means and just say "Get your quads to the GLP for some beer that is probably going to make your day better. When does it not? On tap for 2013 Quad Day: 
- Free Will Black Friday Quad 
- Sierra Nevada Ovila Abbey Quad with Plums 
- Southampton Abbot 
- Weyerbacher Quad

Wait!! I found a purpose for black jelly beans finally!!! See you can make something beautiful out of something horrible.

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