Monday, April 29, 2013

This Week In Mayfair (4/29/13)

Let me give you a little back story. My family moved around a lot when we were younger.  I was born in Philly but when I was 2 we moved to Iowa, then to Indiana, then Massachusetts and finally back to Philly when I was starting my freshman year of high school. Upon hearing that, most people assume my dad was military which isn't true; he was a college professor which I guess is like being in the military because you move around like nomads. My parents, who were apparently on crack and completely insane used to drive 18 hours straight through from Indiana to Philadelphia on most Christmas holidays and every summer with 4 kids and a dog.

Bye!! Well aware, we're fully insane!! Get in the car kids!
There were no seat belt laws back then so they used take the row of seats out, throw the 4 of us in the back of our Dodge Ram with a queen mattress and let us bounce around the whole trip. Our cocker spaniel, Lady, was also unluckily relegated to the back and by hour 17 of the trip she would have the four of us cornered in the back the van snarling at us if we even tried to move. We'd try to tell my parents but they were either a)ignoring us,  b) beyond caring or c) all of the above.

F**k this! I'm driving. You two get in the back with the kids.
They weren't drunk (I think) and I honestly don't know HOW they didn't stop to imbibe at least a little. I can barely make it through one day in my house with my 2 kids without wanting to take shots at lunchtime, much less driving for 18 hours through the very non-scenic Heartland (ooh look! a cornfield!) with 4 animals and one dog. So instead they would tell us crazy stories to pass the time. I can't really get into all of them but I'll give you the most memorable one that at least Philly people can relate to as an example of my parent's deep and sick sense of humor. Here goes...

One of the big indicators to us that we were nearing the end of our 18-hour ordeal on the way to my Grandomom's house in Fishtown, was passing Manayunk. Usually it was at night and the large antennae were all lit up. You know the ones I'm talking about...there's about maybe 6 or 7 of them. When we were little it seemed like there were at least a hundred of them and at that point in the trip, they looked like the promised land to us. My parents told us that they were part of an antennae farm; that's where ALL the antennaes in the United States were grown and when they were full grown they'd replant them wherever an antennae was needed and then start the process all over again. Being gullible and stupid children and just a little bit desperate for the trip to be over with, we believed them probably until I was about 8 years old. To this day my brother and sisters and I STILL refer to it as the "Antennae Farm".

 As it ALWAYS is in life, any and all traces of weirdness and our pitch black sense of humor is clearly our parent's fault.

(**Total aside but still a funny story: It's also why my brother JP told my sister Marianne that there was a witch that lived in the toilet and that if she sat down on it the witch would jump up out of the hole and grab her ass and pull her down into the toilet. She peed her pants for awhile until my parents found out what my brother was telling her. Safe to say he got in trouble and that was also the day that my sister Marianne learned an important lesson about snitching.  She came running into the house crying saying to my mom "JP said he's going to BURY me!!" Sure enough, my mother looked out the window to see my brother happily digging a grave in the backyard.Good times, good times....)

Snitches get ditches.

So anyway enough about me and my crazy family...let's talk MAYFAIR!! Woot woot!!

Farmers Market this Sunday, 9am to 1pm!! Lots of starter plants to sell. produce and other crafts and goodies! It's going to be a gorgeous day so bring the kids out!!!

This weeks vendors are:
Cardinal Hollow Winery
Tastefully Simple
Grateful Acres Farms
Wild Flour
Philly Dog Biscuit Company
Sterns Farms
Cheyenne Roat Market
Great Awakenings Coffee
ShopN Bag
Tacony Gear

Jimmies Cupcake Co.
Chewy's Food Truck
Head to Bow
Steel Your Idea
Musical Groups
10am--Anthony Viscounte
11am--Problem Solving
12pm--Shouting at Satellites 

The Grey Lodge also has a busy week ahead!!
Taco Tuesday!! Wednesday Quizzo!! And then not one, but TWO beer events!!!

Friday, May 3, 2013 from 6pm to 9pm
Shittel Load of Sixtels from Dogfish Head!!  On Tap: Dogfish Head 2012 Worldwide Stout 
Dogfish Head Namaste 
Dogfish Head Robert Johnson Hellhound on My Ale 
Dogfish Head My Antonia 
Dogfish Head Bitches Brew 
Dogfish Head Immort Ale 

Then same bat time, same bat channel (May 3, 2013 from 6pm to 9pm--duh) Gregory Heller will be selling and signing copies of his new book, "Ed Bacon: Planning, Politics, and the Building of Modern Philadelphia". Accoring to the GLP website "Edmund Bacon through his work as city planner had a huge impact on the Philadelphia we know today. Bacon impacted every section of the city. Some of the results of Bacon's work were great, some less so. Besides being famous in his own right, Edmund Bacon was also the father of actor Kevin Bacon. By buying this book, you might bring yourself within one degree of Kevin Bacon. Or maybe not. Either way, this story of Philadelphia's somewhat recent history is a pretty fascinating subject." Go git some edumacation!!!

YOU! You need to get to the GLP and buy that book about my dad.

And don't forget...Mother's Day is on the horizon!! Start thinking about all the flowers, gifts, make-overs and jewelry you could be buying from all your friendly neighborhood MBA members!! We'll talk about that soon!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

First Class Pharmacy Grand Opening!!

Have you met Jason Visirov, owner of First Class Pharmacy yet? Well, here's your chance! He's hosting the official Grand Opening of his brand new pharmacy located at 7316 Frankford Ave. (next door to the Family Dollar) this Saturday, April 27, 2013 from 10am to 3pm.

He's giving away all sorts of goodies on that day and in the week leading up to the Grand Opening so you may want to make a visit before Saturday to take advantage of these great deals!  Jason's doing a drawing to give away 2 Grand Prizes; a 32" HDTV and a pair of Phillies tickets!!  Every prescription filled in the store gets an entry for one of the 2 grand prizes and the drawing will be on Saturday!

If you don't have a prescription filled and your grandmom will NOT help you out by switching her 30 odd scripts to Jason (She's being selfish right now. Silly Nonna! It will pass once she gets a load of the friendly and personal service Jason is dishing out to all of his customers.) you can also enter by liking First Class' Facebook page and click "Share" on their latest post! Your grandmom never uses her account so make sure to log-in under her name to double your entry chances. Her password is "nonnalikesmenintightbikershorts69".

Your Nonna's a perv.
Image search: "Polish Racing Team". My heavens!

First Class Pharmacy will also be giving away some food and drinks as well to the general public that just walk by our store. If you need me, I'll be walking back and forth in front of the store to the point where Jason will most likely going to get the cops called on me....but whatever! Free food and drinks? Worth it!!!!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Mayfair Farmers Market Vendors (Sunday April 21, 2013)

 Shopping List
**Note to self...bring a REALLY big market basket/bag (You're going to need it!!)
The ribbon-cutting kick-off will start at 9am and the market goes until 1pm at the intersection of Frankford Ave and Ryan Ave. Come out, bring the kids, and enjoy!

Cardinal Hollow Winery--Chris Boyd will be bringing more of their famous jalapeno wine. I used it for cooking--delicious!!! The spiciness is just right for cooking and I'm less inclined to *ahem* sample half the bottle while over the stove. Have no fear!! I bought a bottle of their blueberry wine for sampling (but I've also cooked with it too)! They will also be bringing some special olive oils which you can use to dip your artisan bread in or saute up some of those delicious veggies you're going to buy.

Nikki and Tastefully Simple will be there with all of your favorite time-saving desserts, appetizers, sauces, soups, dips and breads! Need to stock back up on Beer Bread Mix and the Almond Pound Cake..YUM!


All of our farmers from the 2 preview days last year are coming back! Alex from Grateful Acres is traveling all the way from Orwigsburg, PA. Julie and Dom Stern and Terra Innovations from Cream Ridge, NJ and they've brought a special new aspect to the market--a fresh mushroom table! Not sure what kinds are coming but it doesn't matter...I love all kinds!!

And last but not least, Craig and Shannon Higginbotham from Cheyenne Road Market from Mount Laurel, NJ. All veggies and fruit are guaranteed to have been resting comfortably in the ground, on the vine or in the tree the day before or the morning of the market and brought right to your doorstep! It ain't any fresher than this unless you go to the farm yourself!!

And we will be having Bob Goulet from Farmers Pride starting on May 19 and he'll be bringing farm fresh eggs and pastured poultry with him, along with all of his fruits and veggies too! 

There's a reason why Laura and Nishon Yaghoobian's Wild Flour Bakery is a regular at Headhouse Farmers Market, Rittenhouse Farmers Market and Bryn Mawr Farmers Market...their stuff is SO GOOD! Even better? They are based on Torresdale Avenue right here in the great Northeast! Stop by for a crusty loaf of bread, an amazing scone, or a mouth-watering cookie!

Mayfair native, Jim Toughill loves his dog SO much there was no way regular store-bought biscuits were going to do! So he made his big-time passion a small business and started making goodies out of his own kitchen and selling them and Philly Dog Biscuit Co.was born. Jim makes all kinds of biscuits with no chemicals or preservatives in them. My in-laws dog is a picky one in regards to treats (most likely it has to do with the fact that my father-in-law feeds her ice cream). Anyway,  I got some of the pizza flavored ones for Peanut for Christmas and the little princess ate them right up and started begging for more. Sold!


Get some HONEY, honey!!!!! Stephen and Nancy Alexeichik of Mill Creek Apiary in Medford Lakes, NJ will be there with their delicious local honey and beeswax candles, lip balms and body lotions. Allergy season is upon us and they say that honey harvested locally actually helps decrease the symptoms of allergies! Stock up for the spring and summer!!

Farm Truck Philly specializes in gourmet sandwiches and soups. Their all natural soups, salads and sandwiches are hearty and filling and they source their bread, meat, cheese and produce from local suppliers.  All of their spreads, condiments and dressings are carefully made by hand with no additives or preservatives. How good does this look?

  Kristen from Jimmie's Cupcake Truck is ready to bring you delicious homemade treats! Cupcakes, brownies, cookies and pies and something I'm sure you're going to enjoy once the weather starts to get a little bit warmer; homemade ice cream sandwiches.

One of last year's food truck favorites, Lil' Dan's, will be bringing his gourmet chicken cutlet sandwiches, italian sausage sandwiches and pulled pork. He's also got a new sandwich which is one of those "that sounds crazy but I think I need to try it" type sandwiches; The Golden Oreo Breaded Chicken Cutlet sandwich". You know you want to try one!

Who doesn't love a bagel on a Sunday morning? While there aren't any bagel shops on the Avenue did you know you can get fresh baked bagels from MBA member, Shop N Bag? They'll be bringing dozens of bagels for you to nosh on (and I'll be taking some home to freeze for the rest of the week) along with some other baked goodies from their bakery! Delicious!!

Desiree from Desiree's Desserts is bringing back her famous agave nectar chocolate chip whoopie pies. They are A.MAZ. ING!!! I don't even want to tell you how good they are in the event that a) she doesn't happen to bring them and then I'll be the one in the middle of the street sobbing or b) you guys buy them all up before I have a chance to get a couple. Feast on her turkish fig blondies and her famous carrot cupcakes too!!

Start your morning off right with Great Awakenings Coffee. They'll be selling fresh, hot coffee, tea and selling some gourmet bagged, whole bean coffee! Stock up!

This week's musical entertainment is brought to you by Shouting At Satellites and Matt Roach!

Bring the kids by to say hello to Josh The Balloon Guy and pose for pictures with our Leprechaun mascot, provided by Steve Nolan!

Kelly, a local Mayfair girl will be face-painting will be working from 9-11 and then Jenna will take-over from 11-1!

Try to show these guys as much love as possible! They are all singing and entertaining you guys on a volunteer basis!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

This Week in Mayfair (4/15/2013)

Since last week was the absolute epitome of beautiful spring weather I of course was deathly ill with the stomach flu and didn't get to enjoy any of it. But in retrospect, I'm kind of glad I was sick last week as opposed to this week. THIS week is jam packed with not-to-be-missed events.

So let's go in order of the days of the week so you can put this all right into your calendars.

It's Monday. Monday sucks. Drink. At the Grey Lodge or Hammerheads Sports Pub(why would you drink anywhere else?). Oh! and start fasting and saving your money up because the Mayfair Farmers Market starts on Sunday, April 21, 2013 from 9am to 1pm.

 It's Tacooooooooo Tuuuuuuuuuuuuesday! Grey Lodge Pub starting at 5pm.

 For you adults out there. Adults? (I know...I one really WANTS to be an adult? We all have to pay for our cell phones somehow.) Adults who own businesses in Mayfair or people just interested in business, this Wednesday, April 17, 2013at 6:00pm the Mayfair Business Association is holding an open membership meeting where all are welcome to attend! Come to the Mayfair Community Center at 6pm. Expect intelligent adult-oriented discussions about the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) where representatives from Father Judge HS, St. Hubert's, St. Matt's and St. Tim's will be presenting about this program. We'll also be talking about the Mayfair May Fair, Mayfair Fallen Heroes Run and MUCH more!

Then we'll all be heading to Quizzo at the Grey Lodge Pub at 8pm where we'll shuck off our stiff corporate facades and act a fool!

Add caption

 Mayfair Arts Initiative's Third Thursday, bitches!!! Come out and see art in your neighborhood! All ages welcome to enjoy and to display! It's an informal gathering of local Northeast Philadelphia artists, photographers and artisans displaying and discussing their medium, techniques, inspiration, and examples of their work. Please feel free to bring your portfolios as well. Hosted by Bill Becker, owner of Headquarters and the Chairman of the Mayfair Arts Initiative, and the Mayfair Civic Association. Refreshments will be hosted by the Mayfair Town Watch. From 7pm until  9pm.

7213 Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19149
(215) 941-8604


Is this your mantra? You're in luck. Friday is National High 5 Day. You get that chair and go get 'em tiger!!

It's also Earth Day so if hippies make you want to high five people with chairs there might be a gathering of them at the Grey Lodge. (Neither this blogger nor the GLP condone any kind of violence at the take that sh*t to the curb war-monger or you wait outside until the smell of patchouli starts wafting through the door --they're coming--and THEN you wind up.) But if you'd rather drink beer and not war (icky!) make sure you stop by for some Long Trail Brewing. Buy a pint of Long Trail, keep the glass, plus get a seedling (or something) to plant. Or you can just put your weed in it. Hippie. 

On Tap: Long Trail Double IPA Long Trail Double Bag Long Trail Pollenator

 It's Saturday, relax. Get your sweatpants out and gear up for tomorrow....MAYFAIR FARMERS MARKET!!! Make sure you say thanks to the CLIP crew who are cleaning the area of Frankford and Cottman in anticipation of the MFM the next day! Such a great group of guys and they were asked to do it by the chairs of the Mayfair Clean-up committee, James Ortlieb and Anna Stacey.

IT'S HERE!!! Mayfair Farmers Market, 9am to 2pm at the intersection of Ryan Ave and Frankford Ave. Live music, face painting, bring the kids!! I'll be talking about it all week and posting drool worthy pictures.

Then you can kick back at the GLP for their Philly Tech Week: Zapping Aliens and Saving the Universe, While Drinking a Beer event.  The Grey Lodge will celebrate Philly Tech Week by hooking various video games to our televisions. They will have old and new school video games, cause they roll both old and new school. To complete the geekiness, they'll have techno music on the juke and maybe some eight bit tunes too from 6pm to 9pm (or later). You'll need to go home if you want to watch "Game of Thrones" that night...sorry.

Monday, April 1, 2013

This Week in Mayfair (4/1/13)

There are 2 types of people in this world:

1. People who LOVE black licorice jelly beans going so far to buy an entire bag of JUST black jelly beans. (psychos)
2. People who despise, with every FIBER of their being, black licorice jelly beans.

I fall into the latter category and just thinking about them makes me gag. Crazy thing is that I like the taste of anise in pizelles and other goodies but I can't stand black jelly beans. And God forbid I eat one mistakenly thinking it's a dark purple one! My reaction is equivalent to having taken a sip of battery acid.
So you're just going to spit that jelly bean on the floor, huh? Classy.

As I was filling my son's Easter Baskets I was throwing out all the black jelly beans I could find. Not even giving them a chance to taste the nastiness that they are. Sorry kids, when you're 18 you can make your own decisions about what kind of filth you want to consume but you're under my roof right now!! Unfortunately, I must have picked the bag that got stuck under the black jelly bean machine because I swear half the bag was those little obsidian sugar-covered horrors--blech!! Begone!

So now that I've laid bare my candy hating soul we can talk about what really matters. Mayfair.

The weather is getting nicer and of course you know what that means, right? No, no, no!! I mean allergies, guys (who probably shouldn't be) walking around without their shirts on and girls who should NOT be wearing those shorts are all acceptable answers but I'm talking about outdoor community events!

You guys got any wife-beaters back there?

The Mayfair May Fair will be held on Saturday May 18th and this year we're doing it a little different. Frankford Ave is getting closed off from Bleigh to Cottman and it's going to be a rocking good time. Stay tuned for more details coming soon! Once we have everything planned out we'll be posting it all here: Mayfair May Fair 2013

The Mayfair Fallen Heroes Run is taking place on the same day as the Mayfair May Fair at 8am! So you go to the run, run, win the race, are hailed as "The Best Runner in Mayfair" and then you come up to the Ave for a party. Sounds great, right? Right! More information and to register online click the links below.
Facebook Page for Mayfair Fallen Heroes Run
Mayfair Fallen Heroes Run Online Registration

The inagural season of the 2013 Mayfair Farmers Market is getting ready to kick off in about 20 days. Are you ready? Fantastic vendors selling farm fresh, locally grown and sources produce, honey, free range eggs, poultry, desserts, artisan bread...YUMMMMMM!!! Check out the Mayfair Farmers Market Facebook page and stay tuned for more updates on vendors via the MBA blog.

Specifically, the Grey Lodge Pub and the happenings that are going on there. We should have this routine down pat by now....Tuesdays=Taco Tuesday, Wednesday= Quizzo. April 4, 2013 (4/4) is Quad Day. Feel free to work your quads with beer in hand while sipping on the four Belgian style Quad beers on tap. According to Scoats, quads are super high octane abbey style ales. The most common abbey style ales are doubles (or dubbels) that usually clock in at 7 to 8%, and triples (or tripels) which usually clock in between 9 and 10%. Less common are singles (oddly NOT also singels) which clock in under 6%, and quads which clock in at over 10%. I'm going to pretend I know what any of that Beerspeak means and just say "Get your quads to the GLP for some beer that is probably going to make your day better. When does it not? On tap for 2013 Quad Day: 
- Free Will Black Friday Quad 
- Sierra Nevada Ovila Abbey Quad with Plums 
- Southampton Abbot 
- Weyerbacher Quad

Wait!! I found a purpose for black jelly beans finally!!! See you can make something beautiful out of something horrible.