Thursday, August 23, 2012

This Week in Mayfair (8/20/12)--The Deja Vu post

Getting together with friends for a drunken blow-out is always a good vacation from the typical day-to-day drudgery of work, home, kids, and spouses. It also helps, at least temporarily, in helping to forget the lyrics of the "Mighty Machines" theme song and decreasing the impulse to point out every police car, firetruck, ambulance, truck and "racing" car (read: anything red to a 2-year old boy) with a desperate falsetto in an attempt to distract your kids from trying to unbuckle their car seat and fling themselves out of the car. Apparently, one day I'll miss this. (???)

  So in case you didn't know, this weekend we had my college friend Jess' bachelorette party which is sort of why this post is as late as it is. I'm surprisingly not as hungover as I thought I might be, but the sleep deprivation thing KILLS me anymore. I've always been an "I need 8 hours or I'll kill someone" type of girl. My brain is so fuzzy and uncoordinated right now I might as well be hungover. We hit up a whiskey bar ($5 shot and a beer specials are everyone's best frenemy--woo-hoo!!), sang karaoke at Yakatori Boy (Did you know, when I'm drunk, I sound JUST LIKE Adele, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce? Effing amazing!!), 
Ermahgerd karaoke ternerght!
 and then to Fado where we redeemed our tarnished reputations (last time we were all there was a St. Patrick's Day eons ago. We were there starting at 2pm after pre-gaming (of course), Guinness, Red Bull and vodkas abounded, and I'm pretty sure we shut the bar down. It was not a pretty sight. *Hangs head in shame*). However, I'm happy to report that we were the poster girls for happy, good drunken fun and danced the night away once the DJ decided to play "Bust A Move" and circa-1990 to1999 hip hop for the rest of the night. I'm pretty sure we also had several long conversations composed of just " Dumb and Dumber" quotes, which is not at all unusual for us but apparently draws frightened stares from people when you're running down Broad Street shrieking "We got no food, we got no jobs....our pet's HEADS are falling off!!" Relax people....move along...nothing to see here.... 
Of course, it always devolves into drunken remembrances of carefree days with absolutely no responsibility and what you felt were the "priorities" in life. (I'm sorry, I can't take that 2 o clock class...Days of Our Lives is on.  I have 3 classes in ONE day? That's 3 HOURS?? WTF?? I have to change my schedule!! I can't take that MUCH work.). That and scrounging for change in your apartment because you needed that last $5 to go buy a keg. And when you found that forgotten, crumpled bill in the back pocket of last weekend's bar outfit it was like finding El Dorado. To the caaaaaaar! Shotgun!  
You also start reminiscing about all the crazy crap you did together, the mistakes, and walks of shame made by members the crew (OMG, remember when you hooked up with so and so? Nope. No, I don't. But that's why I have you jerks to remind me of that not-so-proud moment....EVERY. TIME). And of course there were the nicknames you gave to the other people that only you and your friends know them by. I've changed them slightly to protect the innocent or not so innocent; Googly Eyes and the Muppet, Rick the Rapist (Not a rapist in the least. Long story though.), Big Head Hannah (It's like an orange on a toothpick! said in my best Mike Myers' "So I Married an Axe Murderer" Scottish accent), Random Cocaine Boy (No need to protect anyone there. He was exactly what his name implies.) Good times, good times....
I wish I thought of this.
 So now that I'm back into the world of the sober, responsible people (HA! I crack myself up!) what can I do besides hope that I win the Powerball eventually? (Obviously, I didn't this past week. Apparently, God likes me poor. It builds "character" or some such crap).
Alright, so I'm not hungover (Debatable. I'm too tired to really tell.) but I'm still feeling the need for a little R&R. I need Avenue Chiropractic and a good massage! AnneMarie and Avenue Chiropractic are asking people to "like" them on Facebook and you will receive a clip less coupon  for $5 off any one hour massage just for being their friend. You can also get a hot stone massage (YES PLEASE!) from Megan if you are so inclined! Sounds like a winner! Here's the link to their Facebook page. Avenue Chiropractic
 Have you checked out Headquarters yet, one of our newest MBA members?  They have a Facebook page too where Bill and Adam regularly update with a lot of the cool merchandise they get in! Join them here at Headquarters .
Let me get back to the subject of drunken nights. The Grey Lodge pub I'm sure hosts it's wild drunken blow-outs. How do I know this? It's a BAR. Join them for their next, probably more cerebral party, on Wednesday night starting at 8pm. Quizzo. Second floor. Bring 3 friends. Bring 3 hot friends and let's make it a real party. You don't by chance know the United States male swim team do you? I have some laundry that needs a couple of washboards and some roofies that need homes. Wait...did I say that out loud? I mean, they're really smart and don't deserve to be drugged or objectified for their bodies, just their brains.....their beautiful ripped brains. 
 Aaaaannd if you still want your kids to go to college, Mike Perzel of the Perzel Agency is still giving you the opportunity to help them pay for it. Here's the link for that too! My College Benefit
However, here's some images that might convince you into keeping them home under lock and key instead of allowing them to attend our grand institutions of higher learning (a.k.a 2-4 year expensive party).

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