Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This Week in Mayfair (8/20/12) aka The Lesser Version

Well, a big fat middle finger to my computer, or Blogger or whatever caused the post that I carefully and hilariously constructed to be completely lost into the void of cyberspace. So glad I took 2 hours and stayed up a little later than usual to look for hilarious photos and regale you with stories of the bachelorette party I went to this past weekend and college remembrances. It was quite funny (of course) but now it's gone.

So here's the quick and dirty rundown of what's going on in Mayfair this week so you won't be completely lost. I just don't have the mental energy to recreate the blog fragments of hilarity in my brain right now because I'm too busy being furious and frustrated at the whole situation. That post was my own personal emotional Horcrux and the interwebs ate it...damn you Harry Potter!! Sad face emoticon.....

Grey Lodge--Quizzo--Wednesdays at 8pm--2nd Floor--you know the drill! All nerds on deck and report to battle stations.

If you visit Avenue Chiropractic's Facebook Page and "Like" them you'll get a clip less coupon for $5 off a massage. Ask for Megan who does a fabulous hot stone massage or one of the other girls! Anne Marie will help you with all the details. Visit them here at Avenue Chiropractic.

Make sure you also "Like" Headquarters Facebook page as well. Adam and Bill regularly update it with all the cool stuff they get in and there are plenty of photos of art they are also working on. Headquarters.

Mike Perzel wants your kids to go to college. I had pictures that gave you insight into what they'll actually be doing there (drinking, sex, drinking) instead of what you're paying them to go for (studying, pizza parties, holding hands with the opposite sex). Now you'll never know! Alright, here's a couple:

I don't know what this is but I want to be a part of it.

Yup. Did this.

If you still want them to go, here's some college scholarship info which frees up more money for beer...I mean books.  College Scholarship.

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