Monday, August 6, 2012

This Week in Mayfair (08/06/2012)

I'm the monster. Apparently my husband is wearing a dress.
I admit it. I'm pretty much the worst wife ever right now. I forgot my husband's birthday for the SECOND year in a row. Last year I just flat out forgot until 10:00pm the night of his birthday which explained why he was semi-depressed and despondent all day. I literally floated through that day probably in a haze of sleep deprivation and self absorption and didn't look at a calendar until oh, about 9:58 that night. At that point, I tore down the stairs and screamed "BABE!! It's YOUR birthday!!!"  He looked at me and said "No s**t." Ugh. Shot to the heart. This year, I knew it was coming but I switched watches recently and forgot to change the date to reflect that June only had 30 days instead of 31 (I know. I know. Apparently, this appears to be  part of a larger disorganized pattern). Welcome to my life.

This morning we were making breakfast for the whole clan down the shore when his mother walked up to hug him and say  happy birthday to him. I gasped, turned to him and said "I forgot again." He replied, "2 for 2...3rd time's a charm." Gaahhhhhhh!! Of course I didn't give birth to him so am I really obligated to remember? Alright, I'm a horrid forgetful girl.

So how do I make it up to him? Well there's the obvious solutions, several of which are probably inappropriate to mention here. Actually, they're probably ALL inappropriate to mention....

So we'll go with the family friendly version:

1. Flowers.
Obviously, I'm heading right to Antoniette and Torresdale Flowers to make a huge 'Sorry, I'm an A-Hole" bouquet. Just an FYI, if you aren't a fan of Torresdale Flowers on Facebook yet, make sure you "like" the shop. She routinely puts up pictures of some of the gorgeous arrangements she's made. Most recently up is her prom photo gallery which you can see here: Weddings and Proms. This is one of my favorites;

...or maybe this one.

Gah!! They're all so pretty it's hard to choose.Which one will the hubs like best I wonder? Oh yeah, probably this one
Antoniette? Special order please.

2. Free Beer
So in case you didn't know, Tuesday August 7, 2012 is National Night Out. Great, says you, get to the free beer part. Ok, ok..but first the feel-good part; Mayfair Town Watch is hosting a family friendly event starting at 7:30pm at the intersection of Frankford and Cottman. There will be water ice provided by Councilman Henon, glow sticks and other free goodies and entertainment for the kids. Then you can participate in a Flashlight Walk down to Harbison Ave located right by the Grey Lodge. Here's the beer part, so pay attention. Scoats at the Grey Lodge has generously offered any Flashlight Walker a free 8oz beer or soft drink after completion of the walk. How awesome is that? A great family friendly event for the kids and a free beer at the end of it! Have a blast!!

Visit their Facebook page for more information here. Mayfair Town Watch National Night Out.

There really will be free beer. Depending on how much the bartenders consume, they may be topless later.

3. A night out with the boys, beer, free cake and 16 year olds (what?)
The hubs routinely gets this anyway with his friends however several more are due to him as a make-up birthday gift. And since I routinely forget his birthday, I'm sure I could get him drunk enough and then convince him I rented out the entire Grey Lodge to throw him a belated b-day celebrationSo I'll suggest Quizzo on Wednesday night at the GL or even their "Sweet (and Sour) 16" celebration on Saturday, August 11, 2012 from 5-7pm. The Grey Lodge is turning 16!! OMGZZZ! Like awesome!! To celebrate they're putting on tap several famous and rare sour beers including Allagash Vrienden, Dogfish Head Festina Peche, Goose Island Sophie, Ithaca White Gold, Jolly Pumpkin TBA, Petrus Aged Pale Ale, Round Guys Wild Eyes, Russian River Supplication, Vicaris Triple Gueuze, and Victory Wild Devil Bottles: Cantillon.

Also make sure you find and wear your oldest Grey Lodge t-shirt. There will be a big prize for the oldest Grey Lodge shirt. Or wear ANY of your many GL shirts for there will be prizes for that as well. And in the off chance, you don't have a GL t-shirt (nudity is your thing? not judging.) there will be a special 16th Anniversary shirt for sale. There will be free cake from Haegel's Bakery and live music from Huge Jackman.   

I'm off now to set the biggest effing reminder you can find RIGHT NOW for next year and plan some sort of huge blow-out to make up for the past 2 years. I fully expect my birthday to be forgotten in retribution and I admittedly deserve it. I'll just cry more.

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