Monday, October 29, 2012

This Week in Mayfair (HURRICANE EDITION!!)

So what's going on? I haven't watch the news in a couple hours. Is the Northeast portion of the US pretty much still getting pummeled by Hurricane Sandy? Hope you have your boats and flippers ready!!

Well, since everything is a wash (pun totally intended) til Wednesday-ish feel free to cuddle up with your loved ones, make some Hurricane Sandy babies, and eat french toast until it's coming out your eyeballs. I'll be obsessively stalking anything that will tell me anything about SIC and the Jersey shore, which according to all the pictures I've seen, is essentially underwater at this point and will continue to go further underwater once this Hurricane Sandy bitch unleashes her full fury. I cherish my ability to squat at the in-laws shore house during the summer and I'm worried sick about it. More so than usual because they're out of the country until next week and I'm dreading going down there to see how everything is and then having to greet them with "*sob* Welcome home!! We get to build a new shore house! YAY? *sob*". I"m expecting the worst so that way I'm pleasantly surprised when I find a pod of whales taking up residence in the living room. In my dreams, it's a small pod of miniature whales never before discovered. I become a millionaire, get to name them, and then build a hurricane impenetrable palace in place of the old house. Did I mention the whales are covered in pink glitter and they spout bubbles out of their blowholes? First lesson of the hurricane. Never, ever think that consuming "enhanced" brownies to pass the time is a good idea while trapped in the house during a hurricane..NEVER. Not that I know personally, I've just heard from friends.

If we're all still around on Wednesday night, The Grey Lodge Pub is having their weekly Quizzo tournie. Join them at 8pm with three of your friends who've been cooped up in their houses for the past 2 days. Drink your faces off and answer questions for prizes!

That's just a warm up for the main event happening on Friday 11/2/12 from 6pm to 9pm. Get ready for La Dia de la Mielga (The Day of the Dogfish). The GLP will have 8 crazy sixtels from Dogfish Head on tap on the official Dia de los Muertos, aka The Day of the Dead.  On tap will be: 
Dogfish Head Faithfull Ale 
Dogfish Head Noble Rot 
Dogfish Head Sah'Tea 
Dogfish Head Saison du Buff
Dogfish Head Ta Henket 
Dogfish Head Theobroma 
Dogfish Head URKontinent 
Dogfish Head 2011 World Wide Stout 

There will also be halves of two beers from Dogfish Head's regular line-up.  And there will be TACOS...MY GOD, will there be TACOS! According to the GLP,  "good tacos, the South Philly kind, not the crappy Taco Bell/Ortega kind." Yeah, no one wants that type of mess happening to a couple hundred people with only a couple bathrooms. Talk about natural disasters!! There will also be prizes for the best Day of the Dead costumes. Here are some cool examples to look at because, let's face it, you're sitting on your ass trying your best not to shovel every last bag of Halloween candy in your mouth to alleviate hurricane "anxiety". Try to copy these and guarantee yourself some kind of awesome prize.

Monday, October 22, 2012

This Week in Mayfair (10/22/12)

Based on all the displays in the stores, Christmas is almost here! Yes, I'm well aware it's October but I've already seen trees, decorations, cards, and all the trimmings for Christmas in pretty much every store I've been too. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas but the fall is my favorite season and I consider skipping over Halloween and Thanksgiving blasphemous. I need a stash of candy to get me through til Thanksgiving pies and then after that I just keep that fat and booze train rolling on through to the New Year. Don't judge. You ALL do it too.

Every time I see the Christmas stuff in stores I grumble "What is this stuff doing out already???" I want to know who are the people buying it already? I would assume there would have to be a demand for it if they keep putting it out this early? Or maybe it's just wishful thinking on the retailers part that their sales will soon be increasing? I don't know, it just seem waaaaay too soon. Soon it's just going to be out all year round which is fine as long as it's socially acceptable to be drunk all year round.

What do you get when you combine stand up comedy and wet-hopped beers? Wet-hopped beers? Can I say that?? It sounds really dirty to me. Apparently, I can say it because Scoats has built an entire beer special and event around it; the Hardy-Har-Harvest at The Grey Lodge! On Saturday, October 27, 4pm – 10pm there will be comedy AND wet-hopped beers.  So what are they? Wet hopped beers feature hops that have been harvested fresh off the vine and still wet. These beers can only be made once a year and the GLP has a bunch of them. Throw in comedians like Erin "E-unit" Mulville, Nicole Yates, and more and you've got yourself an official Saturday night! 

Lisa D isn't pushing Halloween aside, in fact, she's celebrating every last minute out of it. It's still not too late to get some great jewelry pieces that capture the Halloween spirit. Stop by BellaLisa Hair Studios and pick up some of Lisa D's fabulously beautiful and adorably creepy creations. 

Mayfair has Halloween coming out the wazoo! Make sure you and the kiddies get in your costumes and get ready for a combination First Birthday/Halloween Party this Saturday, 10/27/12 from noon to 2. Mayfair Memorial Playground (at Lincoln HS) are hosting their Halloween Spooktacular and First Birthday Bash on the one year anniversary of the building of the playground! Mini-pumpkin picking and decorating, trick or treating, games and the most delicious bake sale table known to man!!
Here's the Facebook page for more information! MMP Halloween Spooktacular Birthday Bash

Mayfair realtor and MBA member, Charlie Boland is proud to announce a name change for his 45 year old real estate company located in West Mayfair. RE/MAX City and Suburban is now AMERICA’S City and Suburban REALTORS. "New Name, Same Great Company!"
Find them at, AMERICA'S City and Suburban, REALTORS
6701 Roosevelt Boulevard, Phila., PA 19149-2425

And finally, the Mayfair Holmesburg Thanksgiving Parade is coming up on Sunday, November 18, 2012 starting at 12 noon. Visit the website for more information and how to participate! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Spirit: Appropriate vs. Inappropriate

One time Regina George punched me in the face... it was awesome.

"In girl world, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress up like a total sl*t and no other girls can say anything about it. The hard-core girls just wear lingerie and some form of animal ears."  Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan), Mean Girls.

Warning sign number one that she's probably ex-girlfriend material.

I gotta be honest, you have larger issues. Seek counseling. 

There are only 3 times the above outfits are acceptable to wear:
1. You're in college or in the afterglow of college (2 years post) looking for free drinks (roofie punch, anyone?) at the local frat house or in a meat market bar
2. You're working you're way through college (ha!) by picking up shifts at Daydreams, Delilah's or Club Risque.
3. In the bedroom for your Halloween obsessed significant other.

Many people consider Halloween to be their favorite holiday. It may actually eclipse Christmas for the amount of money and time put it by the most hardcore enthusiasts. But onto the greater point about Halloween costuming and showing your appreciation for the holiday in an age-appropriate and work-friendly way.

Let's play the appropriate vs. inappropriate game with Halloween. I think you will easily see Lisa DeAmicas (Lisa D. to the cool people), one of the stylists at BellaLisa Hair Studio has found the perfect blend of showing your enthusiasm for Halloween at work so you can still have your job and the respect of your co-workers on November 1st.

This is a test. Mentally mark the following pictures as "Appropriate" or "Inappropriate" ways to show your Halloween spirit at work, school, or other public venues. Begin.

So how did you do? Well if you're at all normal you're heading to BellaLisa right now to pick up Lisa D's goodies.  She has fabulous Halloween themed jewelry: hair clips, earrings, pendants, necklaces for boys and girls, and hats just waiting for you to sport at work, home, school, and yes, even the bar. Stop in to see Lisa's spooky treasure trove at BellaLisa Hair Studios at 3530 Cottman Ave. or give them a call at (215) 624-6667. 

Alright, this one is just awesome....

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oktoberfest and Meet the Candidates at the GLP


What's that sound?


I know what it is. It's the sound of me dropping the ball on this week's post. *cough* Again. Oops.

Alright, so what's important to know this week? Well it's October and that means Oktoberfest at the Grey Lodge Pub. Plus it's also an election year and what's the best way to celebrate that we live in the greatest democracy known to man? Get drunk and listen to the candidates. (Personal aside: My fingers kept typing "democrazy". Freudian slip? Perhaps. Is it also fitting that it's Oktoberfest and Freud was German (Alright technically he was Austrian...I'm trying to make connections people!! Details.)

And at this point you're saying "Shut up and get to the part about drinking with the candidates while shoveling German goodies into my face." Fine. It's on Friday, October 19, 2012 from 6pm – 9pm and there will be plenty of festbier, sausage, spatzel (yum), promos from a couple of breweries, and more.  It also coincides with the GLP's "Meet the Candidates" night for the November election. All the local candidates were invited to meet with you in an informal manner. Maybe they'll even buy you a beer, or at least PROMISE to buy you a beer but then leave you holding the tab. *Shakes fist at politicians*. Scoats did ask Romney and Obama to make a stop but apparenlty they're too "busy" with something. Joe Biden may be there though because there is beer and he's only a short drive away in Delaware. Hilarity to ensue.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Last of the Vendors for 10/14/12

I love you pumpkin! Almost as much as the Mayfair Fall Festival.
Have you started fasting for tomorrow? Doing stretches so you can sprint all over the final 2012 Mayfair Fall Festival and Farmers' Market Preview? Got your game face on ready to stampede the cupcake stand, push that little old lady out of the way for the last baguette and then celebrate your dominance with a gourmet chicken cutlet sandwich and a beer? Go get em' tiger!! But try to leave some goodies for the rest of us.

What am I saying? There's going to be PLENTY of stuff throughout the day.

 High atop my list of place to visit are any vendors serving and selling wine or beer. We have 2 wineries coming tomorrow for your purchasing pleasure. You already got to meet Cardinal Hollow Winery so now it's time to unleash the awesomeness that is Desiato Winery. Luigi 'Louie" Desiato from Pipersville, PA will be bringing a taste of Italian wine to Mayfair. The Desiato family planted their first grapes in 1993, and they are focused on doing things naturally — growing grapes without pesticides and recycling the rainwater for irrigation. They also run "Mamma D's Restaurant" which was recently featured on the Food Network show "Restaurant Impossible."

Mamma D's Restaurant

I've decided I'm having a caramel apple for breakfast. Hope of Hope's Sweet is a local girl from Castor Gardens who is just starting to branch out as a confectioner. She's bringing a bunch of her homemade caramel apples and some homemade candies on Sunday. Is there anything that screams fall festival more than a delicious, crispy and gooey-sweet caramel apple? If there is, I haven't seen it! Make sure you stop by and see Hope and her sweet goodies!!


Jenna our wonderful face painter from the last Mayfair Fall Festival is back and she'll be assisted by the lovely Erin to paint all the adorable faces of your kids! It's completely worth the wait for that little smile that lights up their faces when they see Jenna and Erin's handiwork.

Donna of Caricature Art, Murals and More by Donna will be at the Fall Festival tomorrow doing her art. You know your mother, mother-in-law, or *fill in the blank relative* who are IMPOSSIBLE to shop for for Christmas, would love a caricature of you, your significant other, your kids, your dog, you name it. Donna can do it! Make sure you sit for her and walk away with the memories of the best Mayfair Fall Festival EVER!!

Painting pumpkins with Republic Bank!
Republic Bank, who are the sponsors of the Mayfair Fall Festival/Farmers' Market preview along with the Mayfair CDC, are getting into the fall spirit by hosting a pumpkin painting table for the kids. The pumpkins were purchased from our friends at Stern Farms and Republic is supplying all the paint and decorations for you! Bring the kids over to this great little activity! Republic is also working in conjunction with Animal Care and Control (ACCT) of Philadelphia to co-sponsor a dog adoption table. If you're looking for a new best friend you may be able to find him/her tomorrow at the Fall Festival. Then you can make sure to buy your new pal some gourmet dog treats at the Philly Dog Biscuit Company and the day will be complete!!
I bestow on you a kiss and I will name you 'Mayfair'.

Throughout the day enjoy the musical stylings of some of Philadelphia's finest musicians. Mr. Jason Cohn just returned from a European tour and local boy, Herb Oakley will be singing and asking trivia questions for prizes!! So grab a beer or coffee, unwrap that cupcake, take a seat and soak in the atmosphere.

10am-11am   Joe Coyne
11am-12pm   Jason Cohn
12pm-1pm     Herb Oakely
1pm-2pm       Adam Elliot

Friday, October 12, 2012

Even More October Vendors

Unusual pumpkins grown at Cheyenne's.

You requested, nay, demanded more farms and we have delivered. Meet Cheyenne's Road Market and owners Craig & Shannon Higginbotham from Mount Laurel, NJ. They are a local farm that grows everything organically. They actually came to us HIGHLY recommended by Stephen and Nancy of Mill Creek Apiary, one of our fabulous honey vendors. It's a small world in the farmers' market community and everybody talks about where they've been and new markets. Stephen and Nancy were so impressed by the Mayfair community that they told Craig and Shannon. This is from their Facebook page describing their farming philosophy:

"We are a family farm raising the 4th generation in the footsteps of the 80+ years of farming history our family has right here in this very town. We love our Earth, proud to be a green market & we strive to not just lead a greener lifestyle but to inspire others to do so as well. We grow just about everything it feels like & every year there's new stuff we've never grown before that we just gotta try. We grow things naturally, using many organic methods, lots of hard work & creative thinking. We are best known for the classic Jersey favorites like corn & tomatoes, we always say "one taste & you'll fall in love" but it never stops there... we have an eye for the unique, a passion to grow the healthiest, a drive to have the absolute best for our customers. So you'll find things like pink tomatoes, orange eggplants & starship squash here. You'll find plum tomatoes that have 50% more lycopene than any other tomato out there. You'll find flowers that amaze you, hand made crafts that dazzle, and you'll find everything we do we pour our heart and soul into it. Finally you'll find a family here, not just another business." 

At Cheyenne Road Market--Angry Birds Hay Bales!! How cool!!


Our next vendor is one you will need to visit for some great stocking stuffers, gifts for everyone in your life and little treats for yourself. When I first contacted Lisa, owner of Volta Organics, she was in Europe traveling around and looking for more inspiration. She couldn't make our September festival but was excited about the October one. All of Lisa's products are handmade in small batches in Philly. And she is completely committed to a simple idea:  providing high quality bath and body products that are made from organic and all-natural, eco-friendly ingredients.Now's the time to stock up!! She's bringing all kinds of goodies; handmade soaps, body butters, lotions, sprays, etc. Visit her gorgeous website here for more of a preview! Volta Organics

The Mayor of Mayfair and his First Lady modeling Tacony Gear.

You've seen all those t-shirts around that are Mayfair and Tacony specific right? Wanted to know where you can buy them for all your relatives? Well here's your chance. MBA member, Tacony Gear will be there with a selection of their most popular t-shirts! Visit their Facebook page for more of their products. Tacony Gear.

Get yours!!

Since we're all about keeping it as local as possible and many of the finest ladies of the Mayfair/Tacony/Holmesburg community (including myself) are St. Hubert's alumnae, Marcy, a member of the St. Hubert's Alumnae Board, will be at the Fall Festival continuing the great work of supporting this wonderful institution of learning. Make sure you help the younger Bambies out by supporting Marcy and St. Hubert's by buying up all the chances for a prom package donated by some of the Mayfair Merchants and a trip to Rivera Maya, Mexico.  The winners do not have to be a member of the school community.
The Bambies want to send YOU to this paradise!

Looking for some more stuff to add Halloween flair to an already fabulous outfit? Check out the Halloween handmade jewelry sponsored by MBA member, BellaLisa Hair studios. One of BellaLisa's fabulous stylist's, Lisa D.,  has been busy crafting and creating earrings, pins, and all kinds of adorable Halloween goodies for your wearing pleasure! Here's a preview of what's to come! Get it while it lasts!

Artisan Frank Mifflin of Steel your Idea is a local boy who makes amazing handcrafted wine racks and metal display pieces. Again, since you're planning on stocking up for the holidays with all the wine you'll be buying from Cardinal Hollow and Desiato Winery you're going to need someplace to store the 3 cases you buy. While the cardboard boxes are nice and all, you know your wine wants to look as cool as possible while it's waiting to be consumed.  For example:


LOVE this!!

I call this "The Lightweight" because even though it looks awesome, clearly you need more wine.