Friday, October 12, 2012

Even More October Vendors

Unusual pumpkins grown at Cheyenne's.

You requested, nay, demanded more farms and we have delivered. Meet Cheyenne's Road Market and owners Craig & Shannon Higginbotham from Mount Laurel, NJ. They are a local farm that grows everything organically. They actually came to us HIGHLY recommended by Stephen and Nancy of Mill Creek Apiary, one of our fabulous honey vendors. It's a small world in the farmers' market community and everybody talks about where they've been and new markets. Stephen and Nancy were so impressed by the Mayfair community that they told Craig and Shannon. This is from their Facebook page describing their farming philosophy:

"We are a family farm raising the 4th generation in the footsteps of the 80+ years of farming history our family has right here in this very town. We love our Earth, proud to be a green market & we strive to not just lead a greener lifestyle but to inspire others to do so as well. We grow just about everything it feels like & every year there's new stuff we've never grown before that we just gotta try. We grow things naturally, using many organic methods, lots of hard work & creative thinking. We are best known for the classic Jersey favorites like corn & tomatoes, we always say "one taste & you'll fall in love" but it never stops there... we have an eye for the unique, a passion to grow the healthiest, a drive to have the absolute best for our customers. So you'll find things like pink tomatoes, orange eggplants & starship squash here. You'll find plum tomatoes that have 50% more lycopene than any other tomato out there. You'll find flowers that amaze you, hand made crafts that dazzle, and you'll find everything we do we pour our heart and soul into it. Finally you'll find a family here, not just another business." 

At Cheyenne Road Market--Angry Birds Hay Bales!! How cool!!


Our next vendor is one you will need to visit for some great stocking stuffers, gifts for everyone in your life and little treats for yourself. When I first contacted Lisa, owner of Volta Organics, she was in Europe traveling around and looking for more inspiration. She couldn't make our September festival but was excited about the October one. All of Lisa's products are handmade in small batches in Philly. And she is completely committed to a simple idea:  providing high quality bath and body products that are made from organic and all-natural, eco-friendly ingredients.Now's the time to stock up!! She's bringing all kinds of goodies; handmade soaps, body butters, lotions, sprays, etc. Visit her gorgeous website here for more of a preview! Volta Organics

The Mayor of Mayfair and his First Lady modeling Tacony Gear.

You've seen all those t-shirts around that are Mayfair and Tacony specific right? Wanted to know where you can buy them for all your relatives? Well here's your chance. MBA member, Tacony Gear will be there with a selection of their most popular t-shirts! Visit their Facebook page for more of their products. Tacony Gear.

Get yours!!

Since we're all about keeping it as local as possible and many of the finest ladies of the Mayfair/Tacony/Holmesburg community (including myself) are St. Hubert's alumnae, Marcy, a member of the St. Hubert's Alumnae Board, will be at the Fall Festival continuing the great work of supporting this wonderful institution of learning. Make sure you help the younger Bambies out by supporting Marcy and St. Hubert's by buying up all the chances for a prom package donated by some of the Mayfair Merchants and a trip to Rivera Maya, Mexico.  The winners do not have to be a member of the school community.
The Bambies want to send YOU to this paradise!

Looking for some more stuff to add Halloween flair to an already fabulous outfit? Check out the Halloween handmade jewelry sponsored by MBA member, BellaLisa Hair studios. One of BellaLisa's fabulous stylist's, Lisa D.,  has been busy crafting and creating earrings, pins, and all kinds of adorable Halloween goodies for your wearing pleasure! Here's a preview of what's to come! Get it while it lasts!

Artisan Frank Mifflin of Steel your Idea is a local boy who makes amazing handcrafted wine racks and metal display pieces. Again, since you're planning on stocking up for the holidays with all the wine you'll be buying from Cardinal Hollow and Desiato Winery you're going to need someplace to store the 3 cases you buy. While the cardboard boxes are nice and all, you know your wine wants to look as cool as possible while it's waiting to be consumed.  For example:


LOVE this!!

I call this "The Lightweight" because even though it looks awesome, clearly you need more wine.

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