Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oktoberfest and Meet the Candidates at the GLP


What's that sound?


I know what it is. It's the sound of me dropping the ball on this week's post. *cough* Again. Oops.

Alright, so what's important to know this week? Well it's October and that means Oktoberfest at the Grey Lodge Pub. Plus it's also an election year and what's the best way to celebrate that we live in the greatest democracy known to man? Get drunk and listen to the candidates. (Personal aside: My fingers kept typing "democrazy". Freudian slip? Perhaps. Is it also fitting that it's Oktoberfest and Freud was German (Alright technically he was Austrian...I'm trying to make connections people!! Details.)

And at this point you're saying "Shut up and get to the part about drinking with the candidates while shoveling German goodies into my face." Fine. It's on Friday, October 19, 2012 from 6pm – 9pm and there will be plenty of festbier, sausage, spatzel (yum), promos from a couple of breweries, and more.  It also coincides with the GLP's "Meet the Candidates" night for the November election. All the local candidates were invited to meet with you in an informal manner. Maybe they'll even buy you a beer, or at least PROMISE to buy you a beer but then leave you holding the tab. *Shakes fist at politicians*. Scoats did ask Romney and Obama to make a stop but apparenlty they're too "busy" with something. Joe Biden may be there though because there is beer and he's only a short drive away in Delaware. Hilarity to ensue.

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