Monday, October 29, 2012

This Week in Mayfair (HURRICANE EDITION!!)

So what's going on? I haven't watch the news in a couple hours. Is the Northeast portion of the US pretty much still getting pummeled by Hurricane Sandy? Hope you have your boats and flippers ready!!

Well, since everything is a wash (pun totally intended) til Wednesday-ish feel free to cuddle up with your loved ones, make some Hurricane Sandy babies, and eat french toast until it's coming out your eyeballs. I'll be obsessively stalking anything that will tell me anything about SIC and the Jersey shore, which according to all the pictures I've seen, is essentially underwater at this point and will continue to go further underwater once this Hurricane Sandy bitch unleashes her full fury. I cherish my ability to squat at the in-laws shore house during the summer and I'm worried sick about it. More so than usual because they're out of the country until next week and I'm dreading going down there to see how everything is and then having to greet them with "*sob* Welcome home!! We get to build a new shore house! YAY? *sob*". I"m expecting the worst so that way I'm pleasantly surprised when I find a pod of whales taking up residence in the living room. In my dreams, it's a small pod of miniature whales never before discovered. I become a millionaire, get to name them, and then build a hurricane impenetrable palace in place of the old house. Did I mention the whales are covered in pink glitter and they spout bubbles out of their blowholes? First lesson of the hurricane. Never, ever think that consuming "enhanced" brownies to pass the time is a good idea while trapped in the house during a hurricane..NEVER. Not that I know personally, I've just heard from friends.

If we're all still around on Wednesday night, The Grey Lodge Pub is having their weekly Quizzo tournie. Join them at 8pm with three of your friends who've been cooped up in their houses for the past 2 days. Drink your faces off and answer questions for prizes!

That's just a warm up for the main event happening on Friday 11/2/12 from 6pm to 9pm. Get ready for La Dia de la Mielga (The Day of the Dogfish). The GLP will have 8 crazy sixtels from Dogfish Head on tap on the official Dia de los Muertos, aka The Day of the Dead.  On tap will be: 
Dogfish Head Faithfull Ale 
Dogfish Head Noble Rot 
Dogfish Head Sah'Tea 
Dogfish Head Saison du Buff
Dogfish Head Ta Henket 
Dogfish Head Theobroma 
Dogfish Head URKontinent 
Dogfish Head 2011 World Wide Stout 

There will also be halves of two beers from Dogfish Head's regular line-up.  And there will be TACOS...MY GOD, will there be TACOS! According to the GLP,  "good tacos, the South Philly kind, not the crappy Taco Bell/Ortega kind." Yeah, no one wants that type of mess happening to a couple hundred people with only a couple bathrooms. Talk about natural disasters!! There will also be prizes for the best Day of the Dead costumes. Here are some cool examples to look at because, let's face it, you're sitting on your ass trying your best not to shovel every last bag of Halloween candy in your mouth to alleviate hurricane "anxiety". Try to copy these and guarantee yourself some kind of awesome prize.

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