Monday, October 22, 2012

This Week in Mayfair (10/22/12)

Based on all the displays in the stores, Christmas is almost here! Yes, I'm well aware it's October but I've already seen trees, decorations, cards, and all the trimmings for Christmas in pretty much every store I've been too. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas but the fall is my favorite season and I consider skipping over Halloween and Thanksgiving blasphemous. I need a stash of candy to get me through til Thanksgiving pies and then after that I just keep that fat and booze train rolling on through to the New Year. Don't judge. You ALL do it too.

Every time I see the Christmas stuff in stores I grumble "What is this stuff doing out already???" I want to know who are the people buying it already? I would assume there would have to be a demand for it if they keep putting it out this early? Or maybe it's just wishful thinking on the retailers part that their sales will soon be increasing? I don't know, it just seem waaaaay too soon. Soon it's just going to be out all year round which is fine as long as it's socially acceptable to be drunk all year round.

What do you get when you combine stand up comedy and wet-hopped beers? Wet-hopped beers? Can I say that?? It sounds really dirty to me. Apparently, I can say it because Scoats has built an entire beer special and event around it; the Hardy-Har-Harvest at The Grey Lodge! On Saturday, October 27, 4pm – 10pm there will be comedy AND wet-hopped beers.  So what are they? Wet hopped beers feature hops that have been harvested fresh off the vine and still wet. These beers can only be made once a year and the GLP has a bunch of them. Throw in comedians like Erin "E-unit" Mulville, Nicole Yates, and more and you've got yourself an official Saturday night! 

Lisa D isn't pushing Halloween aside, in fact, she's celebrating every last minute out of it. It's still not too late to get some great jewelry pieces that capture the Halloween spirit. Stop by BellaLisa Hair Studios and pick up some of Lisa D's fabulously beautiful and adorably creepy creations. 

Mayfair has Halloween coming out the wazoo! Make sure you and the kiddies get in your costumes and get ready for a combination First Birthday/Halloween Party this Saturday, 10/27/12 from noon to 2. Mayfair Memorial Playground (at Lincoln HS) are hosting their Halloween Spooktacular and First Birthday Bash on the one year anniversary of the building of the playground! Mini-pumpkin picking and decorating, trick or treating, games and the most delicious bake sale table known to man!!
Here's the Facebook page for more information! MMP Halloween Spooktacular Birthday Bash

Mayfair realtor and MBA member, Charlie Boland is proud to announce a name change for his 45 year old real estate company located in West Mayfair. RE/MAX City and Suburban is now AMERICA’S City and Suburban REALTORS. "New Name, Same Great Company!"
Find them at, AMERICA'S City and Suburban, REALTORS
6701 Roosevelt Boulevard, Phila., PA 19149-2425

And finally, the Mayfair Holmesburg Thanksgiving Parade is coming up on Sunday, November 18, 2012 starting at 12 noon. Visit the website for more information and how to participate! 

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