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Mayfair Farmers Market Vendors (Sunday April 21, 2013)

 Shopping List
**Note to self...bring a REALLY big market basket/bag (You're going to need it!!)
The ribbon-cutting kick-off will start at 9am and the market goes until 1pm at the intersection of Frankford Ave and Ryan Ave. Come out, bring the kids, and enjoy!

Cardinal Hollow Winery--Chris Boyd will be bringing more of their famous jalapeno wine. I used it for cooking--delicious!!! The spiciness is just right for cooking and I'm less inclined to *ahem* sample half the bottle while over the stove. Have no fear!! I bought a bottle of their blueberry wine for sampling (but I've also cooked with it too)! They will also be bringing some special olive oils which you can use to dip your artisan bread in or saute up some of those delicious veggies you're going to buy.

Nikki and Tastefully Simple will be there with all of your favorite time-saving desserts, appetizers, sauces, soups, dips and breads! Need to stock back up on Beer Bread Mix and the Almond Pound Cake..YUM!


All of our farmers from the 2 preview days last year are coming back! Alex from Grateful Acres is traveling all the way from Orwigsburg, PA. Julie and Dom Stern and Terra Innovations from Cream Ridge, NJ and they've brought a special new aspect to the market--a fresh mushroom table! Not sure what kinds are coming but it doesn't matter...I love all kinds!!

And last but not least, Craig and Shannon Higginbotham from Cheyenne Road Market from Mount Laurel, NJ. All veggies and fruit are guaranteed to have been resting comfortably in the ground, on the vine or in the tree the day before or the morning of the market and brought right to your doorstep! It ain't any fresher than this unless you go to the farm yourself!!

And we will be having Bob Goulet from Farmers Pride starting on May 19 and he'll be bringing farm fresh eggs and pastured poultry with him, along with all of his fruits and veggies too! 

There's a reason why Laura and Nishon Yaghoobian's Wild Flour Bakery is a regular at Headhouse Farmers Market, Rittenhouse Farmers Market and Bryn Mawr Farmers Market...their stuff is SO GOOD! Even better? They are based on Torresdale Avenue right here in the great Northeast! Stop by for a crusty loaf of bread, an amazing scone, or a mouth-watering cookie!

Mayfair native, Jim Toughill loves his dog SO much there was no way regular store-bought biscuits were going to do! So he made his big-time passion a small business and started making goodies out of his own kitchen and selling them and Philly Dog Biscuit Co.was born. Jim makes all kinds of biscuits with no chemicals or preservatives in them. My in-laws dog is a picky one in regards to treats (most likely it has to do with the fact that my father-in-law feeds her ice cream). Anyway,  I got some of the pizza flavored ones for Peanut for Christmas and the little princess ate them right up and started begging for more. Sold!


Get some HONEY, honey!!!!! Stephen and Nancy Alexeichik of Mill Creek Apiary in Medford Lakes, NJ will be there with their delicious local honey and beeswax candles, lip balms and body lotions. Allergy season is upon us and they say that honey harvested locally actually helps decrease the symptoms of allergies! Stock up for the spring and summer!!

Farm Truck Philly specializes in gourmet sandwiches and soups. Their all natural soups, salads and sandwiches are hearty and filling and they source their bread, meat, cheese and produce from local suppliers.  All of their spreads, condiments and dressings are carefully made by hand with no additives or preservatives. How good does this look?

  Kristen from Jimmie's Cupcake Truck is ready to bring you delicious homemade treats! Cupcakes, brownies, cookies and pies and something I'm sure you're going to enjoy once the weather starts to get a little bit warmer; homemade ice cream sandwiches.

One of last year's food truck favorites, Lil' Dan's, will be bringing his gourmet chicken cutlet sandwiches, italian sausage sandwiches and pulled pork. He's also got a new sandwich which is one of those "that sounds crazy but I think I need to try it" type sandwiches; The Golden Oreo Breaded Chicken Cutlet sandwich". You know you want to try one!

Who doesn't love a bagel on a Sunday morning? While there aren't any bagel shops on the Avenue did you know you can get fresh baked bagels from MBA member, Shop N Bag? They'll be bringing dozens of bagels for you to nosh on (and I'll be taking some home to freeze for the rest of the week) along with some other baked goodies from their bakery! Delicious!!

Desiree from Desiree's Desserts is bringing back her famous agave nectar chocolate chip whoopie pies. They are A.MAZ. ING!!! I don't even want to tell you how good they are in the event that a) she doesn't happen to bring them and then I'll be the one in the middle of the street sobbing or b) you guys buy them all up before I have a chance to get a couple. Feast on her turkish fig blondies and her famous carrot cupcakes too!!

Start your morning off right with Great Awakenings Coffee. They'll be selling fresh, hot coffee, tea and selling some gourmet bagged, whole bean coffee! Stock up!

This week's musical entertainment is brought to you by Shouting At Satellites and Matt Roach!

Bring the kids by to say hello to Josh The Balloon Guy and pose for pictures with our Leprechaun mascot, provided by Steve Nolan!

Kelly, a local Mayfair girl will be face-painting will be working from 9-11 and then Jenna will take-over from 11-1!

Try to show these guys as much love as possible! They are all singing and entertaining you guys on a volunteer basis!!

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