Sunday, March 3, 2013

This Week in Mayfair (03/04/13)

Did you catch the Shamrock Shuttle at all this weekend? Most of the revelers were out to have a great time and spend the day in Mayfair (to be fair...some were not, but they were dealt with by the fine folks of the 15th). Props to all the officers of the 15th police district, my fellow Mayfair Town Watch members, and Mayfair Civic Association members who were not allowed to imbibe, didn't have pure alcohol for blood, and who felt every bit of the 30 degree weather and the wind while walking around.

I got to see the beauty/fascination of it firsthand while walking around and it was......well, there are no real words so here are some pictures (courtesy of the fabulous and talented John Leong) along with the faces I was most likely making while witnessing it. Many of them were dressed to impress in their finest "Irish" garb. Many of them had already peed through their Irish garb by 3pm. Ahhhhh, to be young! Enjoy.

Yup. Sometimes a crazy picture is worth more than a thousand words.

Did anyone else notice that I jumped an entire week ahead with the Grey Lodge Pub events? Well, I did and since you guys read and re-read my blog because I'm hilarious and you can't get enough I wanted to apologize. This is now the edited version. Next week's version will be available next week and I can be a super slacker since half of it is already written for me! Whiskey for breakfast it is!!!! So the GLP is not as jam packed this week as it is next week but now you just have something to look forward to. But the events that are this week are real crowd-pleasers; Taco Tuesday and Wednesday night Quizzo. Get there!!!

I'd also like to extend a HUGE congratulations to Lisa Greco and the staff of MBA member, BellaLisa Hair Studios, for celebrating their 14th year in business! Congrats lovely ladies! Here's to another 14 more years of success! Thanks also to Lisa for breaking the news to me that I'm an idiot and I skipped an entire week.

While you're out and about this week, stop in and make sure you check out Lisa D's fantastic assortment of St. Patrick's Day earrings and accessories in time for the real St. Patrick's Day.

How cute is this hat/hair clip?
I need some shammy's for my ears!!

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