Monday, February 25, 2013

This Week In Mayfair (02/25/2013)

Look! Coming out of that bar! It's Erin No' Bra!!
Mayfair! There's a storm a' comin. It's mean, it's green, smells of beer (or if they're really Irish, whiskey) and it's probably wearing shamrock pasties under that half top. Yup. The Shamrock Shuttle invades on Saturday, 3/2/2013.

We'll hopefully be bringing you pictures of the best moments of the Shuttle and posting them here next week in case you don't get a chance to come out and take advantage of some of the best people watching in Philadelphia next to the Mummer's Parade.

Here's what you can do to prepare yourselves besides stocking up on anti-bacterial soap, bleach, and condoms:

1. Buy these shirts before they're all sold out:

Adult T-Shirts are $15. The dark green are regular t-shirts and lighter greener is a babydoll style t-shirt for women. They come in sizes from S-XXXL for the dark and S-XL for the light green.  They are available at BellaLisa Hair Studio at 3530 Cottman Ave Tue-Fri 12-7pm and Sat 11am-3pm. If you can't make it to BellaLisa Hair Studios you can buy them in front of BellaLisa on Saturday from Tacony Gear or you order them from the Mayfair Civic Association website here: Mayfair Civic Association  .

2. While you're getting a shirt at BellaLisa you may want to get earrings to match made by the lovely Lisa D. She may actually be able to make custom ones long enough that you can tie them around your head to hold your hair back while you puke into a trash can on Frankford Ave. You know, since  your best friend ditched you to drunkenly hook up with that guy she just met like 10 minutes ago in the port-a-potty. Damn you, Colleen....

3. You know what the Irish are really known for besides their dazzling humor and razor sharp wit? Their deeply tanned skin. I'm kidding....pale as ghosts, the Irish are. Which is why we need to take advantage of another great BellaLisa special: 2 cans of "Tan in a Can"  for $50 (regularly $35 a piece). Tan In A Can is a professional non-aerosol, oxygen activated instant tanning  mist that gives you immediate results, with long lasting color. There are no harmful aerosol propellants and people won't have to wear sunglasses to cut the glare when they are around you anymore. 

4. Pre-game it all week at the Grey Lodge Pub. Taco Tuesday's on well, Tuesday (idiot). And Quizzo is on Wednesday. A guaranteed way to increase your tolerance by Saturday is to partake in the real craft beers at the GLP (no dyed green Coors Light here).

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