Friday, November 30, 2012

Blackout Night at the GLP!

Me at my old job.
No, it's not an event where you're supposed to drink until you do something stupid that you regret in the morning after you see all of your friend's cell phone pictures and Facebook posts. That's the office Christmas party which should be coming up soon so make sure you wear your cutest panties that night. You could technically use tonight as training for that event. 
Linda got the pink slip the next day.
So what is Blackout Night? Starting at 6pm there's going to be this year's batch of Great Lakes Blackout Stout for drinking and the Lodge will be under blackout conditions;  just candlelight. Scoats "claims" that the idea "seemed a lot more novel when I originally planned it, long before Hurricane Sandy". And there might be luting, if they can find a lute player. (Luting? Looting? A clever use of homonyms/homophones??? What the hell Scoats??) This is a poor attempt at covering up a "Celebration-of-Mother-Nature's-Fury-Party" isn't it??
Luting is an art. Looting is, well, not an art....
Alright anyway, so there will be candlelight, possibly a lute player and alcohol. Wait a minute. What kind of scheme is this? I mean seriously....can we PLEASE just call this party what it actually is?? The "Let's Get Everyone Pregnant Party"!!!
I've decided to name the baby Scoats! Don't you love it??

Great Lakes Blackout Stout and several other great Great Lakes beers will be on tap. Mark should have some Great Lakes give-a ways too. 

CUSTOMER PARTICIPATION REQUEST: If you have a sizable collection of candles, received as gifts over the years that you didn't burn through during Hurricane Sandy and you want to get rid of them; drop them off anytime at the Grey Lodge Pub. 

And don't forget about this Sunday! Mayfair Christmas Village Craft Fair from 1pm to 4pm at the Frankford and Cottman intersection. 30 plus vendors at your doorstep with great handmade Christmas presents!!

Mayfair Christmas Tree Lighting events starting at 4pm. Santa and Mrs. Claus will be arriving at 3:30pm and the St. Hubert's chorus will kick it off with some beautiful carols at 4pm sharp followed by the lovely and musical Tricia Paffen and her dad, Glenn.

More details here at our Facebook events page. Mayfair Christmas Village

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Scoats said...

We have over 600 candles. This should be epic!