Monday, May 7, 2012

This Week in Mayfair (05/06/12)

Your mother and I think it's time you moved out.

Since I've used laziness and being a slacker (one in the same, right? Whatever. Too lazy to look at for a better word. Bleh.) as the last 2 excuses for why my Monday blog posts were late I decided to actually do what I'm supposed to do and write on Sunday night.  Now I'm going to use depression (read: hangover plus depression)as an excuse as to why I didn't post sooner. Of course still have no idea what to write about and if I write about the Flyers I will probably just wind up ruining my keyboard with my waterfall of tears.

The only thing that might pull me out of my downward spiral is the Mayfair May Fair is scheduled for Saturday May 19th. It's going to be a great day of family fun so make sure you bring the kids out to Ave. We'll be having live music, giveaways, sidewalk sales, contests, face-painting and balloons. It will be great. You can find a schedule of events on the blog but that's only a small preview. And just an FYI, the Mayfair Town Watch will be having a dunk tank and the rumor is Captain Bachmayer from the 15th police district and Representative Kevin Boyle will be some of the victims happy participants. Unconfirmed at this time but I will let you know more information when it comes in.
Also unconfirmed is who will be wearing this outfit in the dunk tank.
What better way to drown my sorrows than with alcohol? Wait. I already did that. Alright, positive thoughts, positive where do I go for Game 5 where the Flyers will destroy the Devils in a 20-0 victory (I'm trying to be positive! Too much? Alright, 10-0. Happy?)? Well I have 3 great MBA choices; Hammerheads, Rauchut's Tavern, or the Grey Lodge. Perfect. I can spend one period at all 3. I'm sure there will be drink specials at all three of these fine establishments!! If not? Meh, I'm already there.

Scoats and crew at the Grey are having the Lucky 13 Homebrew Club on Tuesday starting at 7:30pm to be held simultaneously with the Philly Beer Geek Preliminary Round from 7:30 to 9:30pm. This is a part of Philly Beer Week, of which the Grey Lodge Pub are enthusiastic supporters, and they are looking for people to come out and join them for a fun time with local beer trivia for all! There will be samples of some of the members best homebrews and of course many fine beers on tap as always. Chef Dave is making a special menu for that night too so make sure you come with an empty belly ready to fill with good food and great beer. That makes me feel better.

You know what always brings a smile to my face? The laughter of children. Unless of course it's my 2 and 3 year old's laughter after I've caught them dipping their toothbrushes in the toilet and then putting them in their mouths to brush their teeth. (True story. I'm still gagging at the memory.) The fabulous Melissa and her staff at Guppies Child Care Center would NEVER allow that to happen!! Find out for yourself because Guppies Child Care Center at 7915 Frankford Ave is having a MAYfair special! Any family that enrolls in the Center for care and says that the Mayfair Business Association sent them will receive FREE registration! A $65 value! What?? Talk about a great Mother's Day gift!! Give Melissa a call right now at (215) 624-5434.

When you're done calling Guppies Child Care Center make sure you call around to Stein's Florist, Torresdale Flower Shop, Infinity Gifts and Beyond, and Giggles Gifts to get flowers, trinkets, and everything you can possibly think of for your mom. You know why? BECAUSE SHE'S THE BEST!! Mother's Day is this Sunday so you better get out there and appreciate the woman who spent 9 months carrying you around, gave agonizing birth to you (without drugs--crazy woman. My OBGYN laughed at me when I asked for a walking epidural while I was 8 months pregnant. Jerk.), didn't murder you when you were a teenager and being the little ray of adolescent sunshine we all know you were, and supported your sorry ass even though your dad told her to kick you out. Yeah. HER!! While you're at it, I'm pretty sure she deserves a mani/pedi combo and a blowout courtesy of BellaLisa Hair Studios AND a massage courtesy of Avenue Chiropractic. She probably deserves all new window treatments too from Acme Window Shade Company because she's worn a hole in the curtains peeking out watching for her baby to come home and visit her. CALL. YOUR. MOTHER!!!
I should have eaten that whole effing apple. Happily ever after my ass.
 Mike Perzel probably never let his mother worry. In fact, he's so good he probably calls YOUR mom for you. Stop by and thank him at the Perzel Agency and while you are there make sure you get a quote on your personal insurance (Auto, Home, Renters, Life) to be entered to win seats (Section 131, Row 5--game to be determined) so you can cheer the Phillies on and maybe watch Hamels plunk another player on purpose. While there, don't forget your $5.00 Wawa Gift Card. Just make sure you mention the MBA! All MBA members also qualify for a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card for getting a quote on your Business Insurance. No Purchase Necessary must be 18 years or older. 2 tickets= you plus your mom. She loves the Phillies almost as much as you (maybe a little more *gasp*!).

Oh God.....Phillies=sports and sports=the Flyers. This depression crap is so cyclical. Please my darling hockey boys...please win. Do it for me. Consider it an early Mother's Day gift to the woman who didn't give birth to all any of you (I'm not the Michele Duggar type. Plus, ewwww..I would have been about 10. My math sucks.)

Happy Mother's Day to all the fabulous Mayfair moms and mothers-to-be out there!! You all know who you are!!!

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