Monday, December 26, 2011

This Week in Mayfair (12/26/11)

So how was YOUR holiday? Mine was fabulous!! Except for that hideous sweater Aunt Gilda gave me that I'm obligated to wear in front of her just ONCE prior to turning it into my dog's new bed. I hope Loafy likes sequins.....

Need a place to grasp at the last threads of the holiday season prior to the depression taking hold? At the
Grey Lodge, Scoats and staff, will be serving weekend brunch as usual on Saturday from 10am and Sunday from 11am. Why not start off the New Year with a tasty brunch and some hair of the dog?** (**Disclaimer: Grey Lodge food is dog hair free). At least you'll have something wholesome and good in your stomach considering you'll be on the liquid booze/beer diet for the remainder of the weekend. Don't deny it, stay safe out there kids, and remember to hydrate. We're not as young as we used to be and full recovery takes a good 3-4 days anymore. So expect my next post to come sometime around Thursday-ish....maybe Friday....

Mike at The Perzel Agency is still running his specials!! He's giving away a $15.00 Gas Card once a week and a $150.00 Lowes Card at the end of January (each quote will receive an entry to win). You will also receive a PA Powerball ticket just for getting a quote on auto insurance. For any member of the MBA or their employees, Mike will also give them a $5.00 gas card in addition to everything above.. However you MUST mention the Mayfair Business Association to receive the $5.00 Gas card. Make sure you look for Mike in next week's "Mayfair Merchant Profile"!

You only have a couple more days to take advantage of Freedom Credit Union's (4900 Princeton Ave) December deal!! If you didn't get what you want for Christmas you can probably buy it using this deal! FCU will give YOU $5 a month, a free debit card and free checking. For more details on this great special available through the month of December visit

Have a SAFE and Happy New Year!!

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