Monday, December 31, 2012

NYE at the GLP

Nothing says New Years Eve like a roofie hangover! YAY! Sound like the party you're going to tonight? 

How about we grow up, take the sophistication level up a notch, and enjoy some craft beers and good food? Welcome to the Grey Lodge Pub "A Totally Normal Night of the Year (aka New Year's Eve)" where pretty much no one gives a crap that Kanye knocked up Kim.

Starting Monday 12/31/12 at 6:00pm til Tuesday, January 1, 2013 (!!!) at 1:30am. Since the GLP usually throws a great party pretty much every night of the year, they decided to continue that tradition with New Years. 

Dress Code: Comfortable (no PJ pants slackers! Put on some jeans!!)
Cover Charge: Nonexistent. Spend your money on beer and yummy food.
Beer Line up: Nothing will be watered down here! The usual selection and some leftover Christmas Beers (Mad Elf anyone?)
Entertainment: Great conversation with your friends, chatting up random strangers with the same sense of fun as you, play some darts or watch the madness unfold in Times Square on the TV's (maybe). And the jukebox will be blaring quality tunes (no Skrillex). 
Food: The usual culinary deliciousness will be pumped out of the kitchen courtesy of the chefs. You know you want kiss those cheese steak spring rolls, handcut fries and fried pickles goodbye because your diet starts Tuesday. So if you are at a sucky party and want to bail, stop on by; Scoats and the crew will be there at the most laid back, chill NYE party ever.

Oh, and one more thing...Mummers Parade tomorrow!!!! Go Polish American String Band!! Strut your stuff boys!

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