Friday, January 4, 2013

This Weekend at the GLP

So you have no plans for tonight and Saturday right?

The Grey Lodge Pub has you covered.
Tonight, Friday, January 4, 2013 from 6pm – 9pm Scoats and crew are hosting the Feast of the Epiphany.   Inspired to throw this after Chef Dave's well received Day of the Dead tacos, a couple of their customers of Puerto Rican descent suggested they do Puerto Rican food for the Epiphany. Just so you know because you're a heathen,  The Epiphany is the Feast of the Three Kings, also known as Little Christmas and the 12th day of Christmas. It is celebrated on January 6th every year but since Fridays work best for the GLP, they made themselves gods and decreed that it be held on Friday instead. Chef Dave will  cook up a bunch of Puerto Rican food and the beer will be gift and king themed. Ephiphany Draft Beer List, Bruery Five Golden Rings, Port Gift of the Magi, Starr Hill The Gift, Victory Mad King's Weisse, and Victory Storm King round out the beer selection. 

On Saturday (01/05/13) from 8am to 6pm, the GLP is honoring noted noir author (and Philly native), David Goodis ( with a "Retreat To Goodisville 2013"; an all day event!

The "Retreat to Goodisville" is an annual bus tour the follows the life of David Goodis. The folks from the GLP will be visiting local sites mentioned in Goodis' 'Of Tender Sin' (OTS) this year. OTS is Goodis' seventh novel and his second paperback original novel. Get a copy and read it ahead of time. Share your favorite passage aboard the Retreat To Goodisville Bus. Get on board starting at The Grey Lodge 6235 Frankford Avenue Northeast Philadelphia 215-856-3591  Copies of Goodis' book can be purchased from Amazon (OTS), Barnes & Noble (OTS), Alibris (OTS) ,Bookfinder (OTS), and AbeBooks (OTS).

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