Monday, January 28, 2013

Hair Do's and Don'ts

BellaLisa Hair Studios wants to offer you a word of advice. Actually several PICTURES of words need to be spoken about when bad hair happens to good people when they take matters into their own hands.

Actually, this guy isn't so good and his hair reflects the crazy....

So just DON'T. See a professional. Preferably one of the stylists at BellaLisa Hair Studios. They would NEVER do this to you.

It's ok honey, Lisa G. and Lisa D. will take care of you.

Receive $5 off any Color service Please call for a appointment and mention this special!


While you are there, make sure you take advantage of a great special, especially if you are planning on a quick getaway over spring break or if you just need a little bit of color for that Valentine's Day lingerie you'll be rocking....

Yeah, good luck unseeing THAT! Ha!

Pick up some TAN IN A CAN, which is the safest and healthiest way to achieve a Natural Tan without the sun or tanning beds...For all skin tones.Immediate Results, with Long Lasting Color.
385649_382977948391104_2077450643_a[1]Tan In A Can is a Professional Non Aerosol, Oxygen Activated Instant Tanning
Mist. There are No Harmful Aerosol Propellants. Immediate Results.
Special! 2 cans for $50
regular $35 each
Just don't do this....


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