Sunday, January 27, 2013

This Week in Mayfair (01/27/13)

It's almost February. Where they hell did January go? Not that I'm complaining because after this week's cryostasis level temperatures I find myself looking forward to summer already and I HATE the heat.

Meanwhile my Russian neighbors are enjoying the weather and laughing at what a huge ***** I am.

Ve are taking boat out on Delaware to comink? 

So we're a little less than a week away from finding out if the weather reporting rodent, (not Adam Joseph. Jeez...c'mon!) Punxatawney Phil, will be bringing us the false hope news that spring won't be here sooner than it needs to be.

 I don't want to FEEL myself freezing to death.

Featured Beers for 2013 Groundhog Day:

  • Dogfish Head 2011 Black and Red
  • Flying Fish Exit 16 Wild Rice IPA (gravity-pour firkin)
  • Founders Backwoods Bastard (sixtel) followed by Petrus 2011 Aged Ale (30 liter)
  • Manayunk Grand Cru (Flanders Red) - the only one to leave the brewpub this year
  • something special from Philly Brewing
  • Russian River 2011 Supplication (sixtel) followed by Russian River 2011 Temptation (sixtel)
  • Sierra Nevada 2011 Exportation (our last one!)
  • Sly Fox JB Coffee Porter
  • Stoudts Blood Orange APA (gravity-pour firkin)
  • Troegs Dreamweaver
  • Troegs Perpetual IPA (gravity-pour firkin)
  • Victory Swing Session Saision
  • Yards Belgian Black (sixtel), followed by Yards Bourbon Love Stout (stout)
    Like that menu? Tempting isn't it? Where can you partake in such fine brews while celebrating the imminent demise/resurgence of  Old Man Winter? The Grey Lodge Pub's "Groundhog Day Hawaiian Shirt Beer Breakfast and Lucky Cat Beer Prognostication" event on Saturday, 02/02/13 starting at 7am. No need to make an excuse or illness up for work in order to miss this one! It's a SATURDAY...which also means you have recovery time on Sunday. You won't have to crawl out of your cozy hole to see YOUR shadow till about 9:00am on Monday. Unless of course you "accidentally" texted pics of your "groundhog" to your boss on Saturday. You know what? Just leave your phone at home...

    Stupid Americans...vee don't need a groundhog to tell us when winter will end. It never ends....

    Meanwhile in Sweden...Bork Bork Bork!!

    This has nothing to do with the story, I just found it amusing and laughing makes me feel less cold. There's just so many layers to this picture...I keep finding new hilarious things each time I look at it....

    Meanwhile at K & A. Dicks or condoms on the ground? Riddle me that....

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