Monday, February 6, 2012

The Key West Connection

I had the pleasure of personally meeting Tony, one of the 2 partners at ESK Financial, at the MBA Christmas Party. So it's a Christmas party, it's in the middle of winter, and mildly cold outside; what do we all start talking about? Favorite vacations spots and the fact that we would all rather be sipping tropical drinks on a beach. By the end of the night, I had given Tony a new nickname "The Ambassador of Key West". The guy knows EVERYTHING about Key West you could possibly imagine! I got the rundown on the best beaches, places to rent, fabulous restaurants, and where all the topless beaches are (I personally will never use that info but if you want to know, I can tell you). If Tony ever decides to leave the financial business he's got a career ready-made for him in the travel industry specializing in you guessed it, Key West.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to meet Ed, the other half of the business. However, via email I found out that Ed likes to keep his vacations a little more local; specifically Ventnor at the Jersey Shore. He was born and raised in Morrell Park, went to George Washington High School and although he defected across the bridge to Jersey (Ed!! Shame on you!!), I still think he's pretty cool. Ed graduated from Penn State with a major in accounting (always a plus in the financial business!) and is married with 2 kids.

Both Ed and Tony are local guys; born and raised in the area and with some family still here. They like doing business in Mayfair because of the location and the fact that it's a safe neighborhood. They've been in business since 2001 even though they have 20 years experience doing what they do. They love helping the locals with paying their bills and cashing checks and really like offering the other Mayfair businesses the service of cashing checks for business owners for only a 1% fee. They both are fans of Frusco's steaks which is located directly across the street from their shop.

Even though they no longer live in the area they are supporters of a lot of the events held in Mayfair. I know personally that they have helped out with several of our Mayfair fundraisers in the past, specifically the first annual Easter Egg Hunt held by the Friends of the Mayfair Memorial Playground. They allowed us to use their store to count the profits from our wonderfully generous supporters! I was so excited to use the automatic counting machines (Sad, I know. I don't get out much) so we didn't have to sit there for hours on end counting all the dollar bills and coins by hand, second guessing ourselves, screwing up, and then starting over. I'm forever grateful to them for that!

Make sure you stop by to say hi to Ed and Tony (if he's not in Key West!) at ESK Financial Cash Cashing located at 7159 Frankford Ave or call them at 215-335-2274.

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