Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This Week in Mayfair! (2/20/12)

I admit. I'm a total slacker. President's Day was yesterday; I took off (translation--hung around in my pj's all day thinking about what I wanted to stuff my face with Tuesday). Aaaaand today is Fat Tuesday and I'm practicing my rights to be gluttonous sloth all day. So BACK OFF! Just kidding. Have a donut. Here have 2. Actually, I blame Scoats. Keep reading...you'll find out.....

Alright, so what's the to-do in our fine neighborhood? I will tell you mainly because I'm on a wicked sugar high and need to type or else I might explode.

The Grey Lodge is hosting Quizzo on Wednesday night 8pm but honestly, I'm a little jealous that Scoats is on vacation and I'm not. Thought we were friends, Scoats. Not. Cool. I fully expect an apology gift in the form of a t-shirt or at least a shot glass. If you get me a post card I will lose it. Post cards are for grandmas not your favorite most awesome blogger (Me! Screw HuffPo!). Just saying....

You know who didn't leave me here to wallow in my own misery covered in powdered sugar and sprinkles? Mike Perzel. Know why, Scoats? Cause we're BESTIES. Plus, he wants to give me Phillies Tickets (Section 131, Row 5 (game to be determined). Granted I have to go into The Perzel Agency mention the MBA, and get a quote on my personal insurance; Auto, Home, Renters, Life but at least he'll talk to me instead of getting on a plane and leaving. I was going to even get you a quote on your business insurance and I would have given you the $25.00 Amazon Gift Card. But no....not now. Where's that $5.00 gift card from Wawa for getting a quote? I'm going there to buy as many Swedish Fish as I can carry in an attempt to fill the gaping hole in my chest left by my poor little black heart.

Also, Viriva Community Credit Union is promoting their Post-Holiday Debt Consolidation, with their Signature Loan Rate being as low as 5.00% APR**. They are also accepting applications for their 2012-2013 Scholarship Contest. The deadline is March 3, 2012 (oh man, I am SUCH a slacker). For complete details about Viriva's Scholarship contest click here.

Wow. I feel so much better and have publicly exorcised my demons in the most mature way I can think of without actually coming into human contact with the person I'm really mad at. My soul feels so pure now and I am spiritually cleansed, fully ready for Lent. I'm going to get my Jesus on and say, "You are forgiven, Scoats. Have fun on your vacation." I'm off to Facebook so I can stalk your pictures and make witty comments. Oohh! The mail just got here!! What's a restraining order?

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