Monday, February 27, 2012

I am the Walrus.

For the sake of full disclosure I'm going to tell you that Viriva Community Credit Union is actually my credit union so I'm going to gush like a schoolgirl about them as much as I want because they have never given me reason not to. I've actually been with them prior to their name change in 2006, from K of C Federal Credit Union, so we go waaaaay back (not as far as 1936, which was when they were originally founded--I'm not that old!! Shut up...I'm NOT!).

Although Viriva Community Credit Union offers online banking services, which is how banking is done these days, there are times when you may actually have to interact with a real human. Personally, I go into Viriva to swim in my money vault like Scrooge McDuck (oh you DON'T have one. Poor you-literally). While there, I'm greeted by the always friendly and upbeat teller, Nancy. Seriously, she may be the nicest woman in the world. She has the greatest smile and always remembers that I have 2 small children and whether they are with me or not, she gives me 2 lollipops and 2 stickers. I usually put the stickers and lollipops in my bag and wait until I get into the car before eating both the lollipops myself (one for each cheek, kind of like a walrus. And I wonder why I get weird looks).

Viriva CCU, like any other credit union, began with the purpose of promoting thrift amongst it's membership. Viriva CCU is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, therefore any excess income they accrue over the year goes back to it's members in the form of lower loan rates and higher savings rates. Uh, awesome. Big Banks do that for you? I'm going to safely say no....

The folks at Viriva CCU always look for opportunities to spread their message of "People helping People". They enjoy getting involved in several Mayfair community events (hence the Community part). Viriva CCU has participated in the Mayfair/Holmesburg Thanksgiving Day Parade, Pennypack Concerts and the Mayfair May Fair/Fallen Heroes Run.

Viriva continues looking out for the community with their Loan Rate Discount Program that includes a discount for new members. Members can now receive rate discounts (up to 0.75% APR*) on their next Signature or Auto loan. Visit Viriva CCU's Lending Page at to check out other available discount options. *Restrictions apply; click here for complete details. Becoming a member is easy... simply open a savings account with a minimum deposit of just $5.00 to join Viriva Community Credit Union!

To join Viriva CCU and get your own lollipops (DO NOT take all the strawberry ones--I'm warning you!!) you can reach them here. Tell Nancy I said Hi!

Viriva CCU
7346 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19136
(215) 333-1201

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