Monday, February 13, 2012

This Week in Mayfair! (2/13/12)

I'm feeling a little bereft of creativity today especially since I can't seem to find a picture to top last month's awesome heart lovingly presented to you in the medium of back hair (hot.). It's where most of my inspiration comes from and nothing is catching me quite in the same way. I mean there is this:

for the men,

for the ladies,

for the nerds (like me),

and for those of you who like to sneak into you're exes house to steal their underwear and urinate into their shampoo bottles. (I'm not judging. Yes, I am. You need serious medication and a LOT of therapy.)

So while you're off doing whatever it is you do for your loved one I will be scouring the internet for depraved Valentine's Day photos to get me through this post. I love you people, but seriously, you are so needy.

You: I MUST know what is going on in Mayfair, lest I die!
Me: Did you just use "lest" in a sentence? I think we should break up.....
You: Jeeves! The smelling salts...there's fainting afoot!!
Me: You need to lay off Masterpiece Theater for awhile. Fine. I'll tell you what's going on....

First of all we have a new member just in time for Valentine's Day....Stacy Shoppe at 7207 Frankford Ave. Specializing in lingerie (bam chicka wow wow....just in time for V-day--Booyah boys!) and other fine romantical adult-type things that are making me blush like a school girl as I write this. Go and check them out and get something super sexified for that special someone (or that total random you just started doing the naughty with) for Heart Day.

Torresdale Flower Shop is still offering their fabulous deal of a dozen long-stem, premium roses arranged in vase with foliage and filler, a Mylar Valentine Balloon, a 1 pound box of Assorted Asher's Chocolate, and a stuffed animal including tax and delivery for $119.99. One stop shopping..what more could you ask for? Oh there is more!! Also, in the store they will have a large selections of roses, valentine arrangements, chocolates, stuffed animals, balloons, valentine cards and much more. And please, give Antoniette a hug while you're there. I wonder if anyone ever gets florists flowers on Valentine's Day? I bet you they just like to set a huge bunch of roses and chocolates on fire in the middle of their yards or maybe pull all the stuffing out of the cute little teddy bears. Hmmmm...I'll have to ask next time I see her.....

Don't forget....February 19th Torresdale Flower Shop will be the main florist at The Philadelphia Bridal Show at the Crown Plaza in Cherry Hill. The hours for the Bridal show are from 12:00pm to 4:00pm. Free Admission and Free Parking and 2 fashion shows. So if you are getting married, know someone that is, or are just generally obsessed with weddings, make sure you let them know about this to see Antoniette in action!

Make sure you also stop by Stein's Florists and Infinity Gifts and Beyond. They are stocked with all of your Valentine's Day needs--flowers, chocolates, name it!! Not to mention Giggles and Gifts for the cutest cards and goodies as well! Don't forget that gift cards are always a great idea and one of the many salons on the Ave are willing to hook you up! Get your romantic self to BellaLisa Hair Studios, Michele's Family Hair Care and Sharp Decisions Hair Care!

I've heard that Mike Perzel at the Perzel Agency likes to be referred to as the Don Juan of Frankford Avenue. Well he sure gives you plenty of reasons to love all the great specials he's offering to all MBA members; a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card for getting a quote on your Business Insurance.

If you come into Mike's office, mention the MBA, and get a quote on your personal insurance; Auto, Home, Renters, Life you'll also receive a $5.00 Wawa Gift Card. And OH YEAH, you will also be entered to win 2 PHILLIES TICKETS!! They are GREAT seats Section 131, Row 5 (game to be determined). No Purchase Neccessary must be 18 years or older. Pitchers and catchers are reporting soon!! What's not to love about that??

Always on the cutting edge of romance, Scoats and the gang at the Grey Lodge have whipped up a tantalizing Valentine's Day menu for you and your lover (say it like Will Ferrell and Rachel Dratch via SNL now!). A four course dinner special for $25. Click here for the menu of the day. Do you think they would just give me $25 dollars worth of strawberry kahlua mousse pie and Sam Adams Chocolate Bock? Ain't nothing sexier then sweatpants at Valentine's Day dinner...

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