Thursday, April 19, 2012

Name that Tune at Rauchut's Tavern

When I was in the prime of my youth, prior to the chains of marriage and rugrats I used to go to this bar in East Falls called Arenas. It wasn't this fabulous place or anything but I had a good friend who tended bar there. I drank for free (always a plus as a young, financially challenged professional)and played shuffleboard like no one's business. I loved that place!

Sadly Arenas has gone to that big bar heaven in the sky being renamed something I can't recall at the moment (probably something trendy like "bar" or "DIVE". whatevs.) I still love shuffleboard and getting the occasional load on which is why I've transferred my loyalties to Rauchut's Tavern. They have a shuffleboard league on Sunday nights (LOOK OUT MAN!!!) and I'm working on a couple of the bartenders to let the occasional beer slide for me! So far, no dice. Ah well.

The lovely Kate Rauchut is also a fellow Bambie alum, she's very cool (always a plus in my book), and this week on Saturday, 4/21 they are hosting a "Name that Tune" contest. Now I can't carry a tune for crap which really cuts in on my dreams of one day becoming a Disney princess (look out Ariel I'm coming for you and your seashell bra!!)but I'm pretty sure I'm good at identifying them. And if I'm not, well then,I'll just play shuffleboard.

Come out and play "Name that Tune", challenge a complete stranger to a shuffleboard throw down, or just come out and hang! Name that Tune contest will be on Saturday, 4/21 starting at 8pm. The winning team gets a $25 gift certificate. They are also having a domestic bottle special from 8 till 10--5 bottles for $10.

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