Monday, July 30, 2012

Another New Member!!

We have ANOTHER new member!! How awesome is this?

Say "Hello" to Bill and Adam , owners of HQ. HQ is located at 7213 Frankford Ave. and will be opening it's doors on Friday, August 3, 2012. Bill and Adam are local Mayfair guys and are raising their families here as well. How local are they? Bill could throw a rock from his house and hit the business. He has one of the the world's shortest commutes which you should all be jealous of.

I was lucky enough to actually get to see this store before it opened and I'm pretty psyched about it. Bill and Adam have been working their tails off trying to get it ready to open. If you're into art, comic books, collectibles, and unique t-shirts and merchandise you need to check this place out. Bill and Adam are artists with the philosophy that the world is a canvas and they specialize in all kinds of stuff: t-shirts, screen printing, skateboards, sneakers. Pretty much anything with a solid surface, they can make amazing art out of it! And they are AMAZING. Bill was probably sick of hearing the words "That's sooooo cool" come out of my mouth.

Once they are established, the plan is also for Bill and Adam to host art nights with several of their artist friends and other local artists where they will teach you how to draw in a particular style.

Please make sure you stop by to welcome Bill and Adam to the Avenue!


tattoo dad said...

Thanks for the warm welcome
Bill Becker

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of my Nephew Bill.I know he and Adam will do very well!!! All the luck and love u guys!!!
Love ya Aunt Denise xo