Sunday, July 15, 2012

This Week in Mayfair (07/16/12)

My mother-in-law assigned me the task of finding tile for the 2 shore house bathrooms. Not any tile, oh no, THIS tile has to match the existing olive green tile since we aren't doing a major renovation, just a sink and back splash update. But I found it! I searched high and low trying to match the color with little to no luck except for today when I walked into Lomax and found it. I was already in love and envisioning it on the walls when the sales chick dropped the "It's $30 a tile sheet" bomb on me. Ummmm...WHAT?? No thanks, I'll keep looking.

I found the PERFECT tile!

First world problems: The tile I like is too expensive.
Why do you care? If you're a heterosexual man, like my husband and father-in-law, who inevitably slink away as soon as the MIL and I start talking about decorating, you probably tuned me out at the word "tile". If you're a woman, well it's just not that interesting of a story and I didn't have anything to write about since I honestly didn't want to go on about how much I musically and visually enjoyed  Roger Water's "The Wall".  I was going to buy a concert t-shirt for $40 but decided against it since RW railed against the evils of capitalism so convincingly that I decided against lining the pockets of a man who's already a millionaire. It was that and all the hypnotic flashy lights and floating black piggy and worrying about the marching hammers being able to track me down via the microchip probably implanted in each t-shirt (Chemically induced paranoia? I'll never tell). I wonder if he's able to swim around in his money like Scrooge McDuck?

Just beautiful.
Alright enough crazy talk (Craaaaaaaazeeee. Toys in the attic I am craaaaaazeeee). Wait. Did I tell you that I saw "The Wall" down at Citizens Bank Park? It  was one of those lovely breezy summer nights heavy with the promise of rain but never fullfilled. It truly is a jewel of a stadium with a great view of Center City and the surrounding area. You can visit in person and marvel at the sparkling skyscrapers if you stop in to see Mike Perzel and his wonderful staff at The Perzel Agency. Get a quote on your personal insurance (Auto, Home, Renters, Life). You will then be entered to win seats for a Phillies game (Section 131, Row 5--game to be determined).  While there, don't forget your $5.00 Wawa Gift Card. Just make sure you mention the MBA! All MBA members also qualify for a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card for getting a quote on your Business Insurance. No Purchase Necessary must be 18 years or older.

What shall we do now?  What shall we use to fill the empty spaces? Where waves of hunger roar? I say head to the Grey Lodge but then again I'm biased. Fabulously intelligent, but biased nonetheless (I'm also insanely modest). Scoats and the crew are still recovering from their Friday the Firkenteenth specials but they will still be holding Quizzo on Wednesday night starting at 8pm. However mirth and merry are always abundant at the Grey any night of the week so stop on down! Cheers!

Taking the position of informational guru (I prefer the name Oracle personally, but sometimes a name like that takes time to catch on. I'm willing to wait.) a demonstration against the proposed methadone clinic at 7900 Frankford Ave is scheduled for Thursday, July 19, 2012 at 6pm in front of the location. Here is the link to the Facebook page for more information of you are interested in going.

Is there anybody.....OUT THERE?

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