Sunday, January 22, 2012

Former Nun Has 2 Kids, Opens Insurance Agency!

Wow. I didn't think I'd lower myself to tabloid journalism so quickly. I personally gave myself until at least June when everything takes a backseat to Margaritas and sitting on my porch with a stack of the most recent Pulitzer prize winners (read: trashy celeb mags). Don't judge me.

And now back to the story...

This is truly one of those this fascinating and heart-warming story that comes along once in a lifetime. Upon reading that Sharon Owens was a former Sister of St. Joseph, I immediately glanced down to make sure my skirt was less than 3 inches above the knee (It wasn't. I was wearing pants). Then I remembered that my parents used to call the St. Joseph's nuns the "Pope's Mafia" because apparently they were holy bad-asses, beating kids in the name of Jesus (Amen!). Immediately fear crept up my spine, visions of rulers, and all 3 feet of Sr. Miriam Grace walking around yelling "Don't trust those Judge boys ladies! Always leave room for the Holy Spirit!" (Which actually turned out to be very sage advice, but I digress....)

Sharon actually began her working life in the Pope's Mafia running numbers and breaking legs and was known as the "Avenging Angel". Alright the truth....she worked at West Catholic as a high school English teacher in the late 70's/early 80's but decided in her late 30's that she wanted to be a mom, left the order, and adopted two little girls; Taylor who is currently 19 and Lauren, 17. (Cue the "Awwwwww's!"--alright enough.) Realizing that there was no way she was going to have the mental energy to deal with the completely rational and unemotional cycles of teenagers all day while raising 2 kids, she began to explore her career options. Since Gaddafi's Amazonian Guard weren't hiring, she found an amazing opportunity in Tacony with State Farm Agent Jack Stabler who taught her the ropes of the insurance industry. She was then offered her current agency located at 7034 Frankford Ave. in Mayfair when Herb Matthews and Phil Waschko retired in April 2001.

Sharon loves doing business on the Avenue and even though she lives in the Chestnut Hill area she tries to keep her business local in Mayfair and Tacony. She frequents Freshworks and DiNofa's for quick lunches and Gino's for after-work dinner and drinks (Wait a minute! Nun's EAT?? I thought they just survived on prayers, the host, and making me feel guilty. I'm learning so much today. See Sharon, you're still teaching!) Sharon loves that Mayfair reminds her of her hometown of Hoboken, NJ because it's a strong neighborhood. She truly believes that her original mission as an SSJ of ministering to the "dear neighbor" carries over to being a "GOOD NEIGHBOR" agent; offering her customers good personal service and the quality insurance they deserve!

Sharon specializes in life insurance/needs based selling and retirement planning/rollover solutions. And as the mother of 2 teenagers she has a special place in her heart for helping young drivers and their parents get the best price/package on car insurance. Feel free to give Sharon a call at 215-333-5544 or visit her website at


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