Sunday, January 1, 2012

This Week in Mayfair (01/02/12)

Are you surprised I didn't put the year as 2011? I promise you it will be the only time this week I don't make that mistake!!

So how was your New Years Eve or the better question might be how was your New Years DAY? In case you didn't know, your New Years Day is directly correlated to your New Year's Eve. Woke up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your resolutions of quitting drinking, smoking and the company of loose women? Sorry, your New Years SUCKED. If you woke up having broken all your resolutions by 12:15am, smelling of an awful mixture of Soco, Jack, and bodily fluids with some girl you think is named Alicia (or was it Ashley--oh no!)? Well you my friend, are the CHAMPION of 2012. I'm not even going to mention those of you who partook in Mummery in South Philly because most likely you're still too drunk to read this. We'll talk on Thursday about how jealous I am of you and wished I could be there to do the strut.

Did you read about Mike Perzel and The Perzel Agency in our merchant profile? Just a reminder he's still giving away a $15.00 Gas Card once a week and a $150.00 Lowes Card at the end of January (each quote will receive an entry to win). You will also receive a PA Powerball ticket just for getting a quote on auto insurance. For any member of the MBA or their employees, Mike will also give them a $5.00 gas card in addition to everything above.. However you MUST mention the Mayfair Business Association to receive the $5.00 Gas card.

Do you want to see how many essential brain cells you actually killed on New Years? Get thyself to the Grey Lodge every Wednesday night at 8pm on the 2nd floor for Quizzo. Teams can be up to 4 members (me, you, your mom, your dad-break!). First prize is a $25 bar tab. Second place gets a round of drinks for the team. Losers must wear their underwear on their head so wear cute ones.

That's it so far...I'm sure more will trickle in and I will edit as needed. Be sure to check back often!!

Now go buy Ashley/Alicia/Mulva some breakfast/lunch/dinner.



MIA!!! You are the bestest!!!!!! Thank you!!!

Mia said...

you're welcome lisa!!! and thank you!!