Friday, January 13, 2012

Save St. Hubert's

Dear Friends and Family in the Mayfair Community,

Please considering lending your support in helping me raise money to save my alma mater, St. Hubert's High School for Girls. St. Hubert's provides a competitive college preparatory education and a family-like environment for young women that might otherwise not have the opportunity. It's because of my experiences as a Bambi that I went to college, created many enduring friendships, and have chosen my profession. Please help me by supporting this institution, a cornerstone of our community. Please visit the following link for ways to donate either electronically or by sending in a check to Save St. Hubert c/o St. Hubert Alumnae Association, P.O. Box 22104, Philadelphia, PA, 19136. All checks should be made to St. Hubert Alumnae Association.

All money donated will NOT go to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia but will remain with the St. Hubert's Alumnae Association.

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