Monday, January 9, 2012

This Week in Mayfair (01/09/12)

Hey Kids! I come to you today as a semi-depressed St. Hubert's alumni. As many of you know, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia in it's infinite, divine, and un-questioned wisdom (*read bitter sarcastic) had decided to close this local neighborhood institution and also condense many of our local Catholic grade schools. It is more important now than ever to make sure our neighborhoods stay united and there is one thing that you can do, regardless of religious or educational upbringing, to keep our neighborhoods strong; support local businesses in Mayfair, Tacony, and Holmesburg!! Now put on your school colors and get your butt to the Avenue!! The choice to paint your face is entirely up to you but I say "GO FOR IT!!"

Here are some great specials running at several local businesses this week where you can flash your school spirit all around town! (**flash does not equal naked--keep it clean...this is a family neighborhood.)

Feeling stressed by all the school closures or just in general? Anne Marie at Avenue Chiropractic is running a special this week. A one hour massage any day this week is $35!
Give this fellow Bambie alumni a call at 215-338-4132 .

Freedom Credit Union is lowering their personal loan rates. (Hi, FCU, I need to take out a large loan. How large? I need to save my closing Catholic school. Of course, I'll hold.) Here's the details:

  • Fixed APR as low as 5.99%*(sweet.)
  • Amounts from $500 up to $20,000(I need 20 million!!)
  • No fees and no pre-payment penalty (AWESOME!!)
  • Terms up to 6 years (cool.)
  • No collateral required (I can provide my dog, Loafy. He can fetch most of the time.)

Membership in Freedom Credit Union required. Freedom Membership is available for individuals, as well as for businesses and organizations. They also welcome Select Employee Groups (SEGS). Freedom personal Memberships are for anyone who lives, works, worships, performs volunteer service, or attends school in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, or Philadelphia Counties.

Just think! IF you won the Powerball what you might be able to do with that money? Like...hmmmm....I don't a catholic school!!!! My hero!! Mike Perzel is also still my hero at The Perzel Agency running his 6 week special! He's still giving away a $15.00 Gas Card once a week and a $150.00 Lowes Card at the end of January (each quote will receive an entry to win). You will also receive a PA Powerball ticket just for getting a quote on auto insurance. For any member of the MBA or their employees, Mike will also give them a $5.00 gas card in addition to everything above.. However you MUST mention the Mayfair Business Association to receive the $5.00 Gas card.

And of course everyone's favorite, award-winning pub The Grey Lodge Pub is holding Quizzo this week on Wednesday! Get out there and put that expensive Catholic school education to good use by being the ultimate champion over the godless heathen masses (just kidding godless heathen know I love you too and you are just as smart..just don't tell those crazy Catholics! shhhhhh!).

Scoats and the crew are also preparing for the famous Friday the Firkenteenth this Friday, January 13, 2012 at 12 noon! I kind of wish I knew a little bit more about this so I don't have to bluff my way through this posting...wait a second!!! WIKI!!! "Firkin: an old English unit of volume. A quarter of a full-sized barrel.". So there will be 25 different firkins of different beer with 7 on tap at any one time at the Grey Lodge on Friday. Me thinketh thout shall getest thine asse toeth thy Grey Lodge Pub to sample thy bounty of firkins. That's my attempt at Old English. Sucketh it.

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