Monday, January 16, 2012

Kevin Boyle is Irish

This week I'm profiling the office of Representative Kevin J. Boyle and let me tell you, this is going to be a tough one for me because how do I accurately convey my sense of humor and fun without having Representative Boyle and his very intelligent staff target me for deportation? (Do you see what I did there? That's called flattery. I'll be using that a lot during this post. And please don't ask me how they would deport me! I'll probably be walking along the street one day minding by own biz and the next day I'll wake up in some shady hovel in Uzbekistan all because I made some inflammatory remarks like "OMG! Kevin Boyle isn't even Irish!!)

So as I stated previously, Kevin Boyle is totally Irish. He was born in the cottage of a sheep-shearer and a milk-maid in a little village called Skidderarinkadoo, County Limerick which everyone knows is where the smartest of the Irish come from (except for those of us Irish lucky enough to trace our ancestry back to County Tyrone where we are both smart AND hilarious). I'm totally kidding about the entire above paragraph minus the whole County Tyrone thing which is totally true. Ever hear of Irish tall tales people? Yeah, you just got schooled.

The truth? Kevin J. Boyle is a local lad born in Philadelphia whose parents are actually Irish immigrants. They will probably dislike me immensely because I have no idea what county in Ireland they are from and I used Limerick because it sounds the most Irish of them all. Kevin's parents worked as a crossing guard and a SEPTA maintenance worker to put Kevin through Cardinal Dougherty High School in Olney and LaSalle in 2002. Kevin then went on to Harvard where he hung out with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and instead of writing an award winning screenplay and doing the whole "Hollywood" thing, (Ah gaht her d'ya like dem apples?) he decided to go into the less dramatic, backstabbing, and stress-free job of politics.

Kevin was elected as the State Representative of the 172nd district in 2010 and sworn in January 2011. He currently lives in the Northeast and his office in Mayfair is located at 7518 Frankford Ave. They love being in Mayfair for the vast array of people they get to meet and help and also like sharing the same business strip with the Grey Lodge Pub. Kevin has hosted numerous community events such as the family movie night in the summer, community shredding events, and has been a very vocal critic of the proposed methadone clinic in Holmesburg. He and his staff provide several services in their offices including problems with public welfare benefits, unemployment, PennDOT, handicap placards and plates, Property Tax/Rent Rebate applications and birth/death certificates. They also offer copying, faxing and a notary service free of charge. The 2011 Property Tax/Rent Rebate applications will also be available soon so stop by to pick them up if you need them.

So stop on by and say hello to Kevin Boyle and his staff. I would too but I'll be working on building up a tolerance to chloroform and tattooing my name and address on the bottom of my foot. I hear all the cool kids are doing it and you know....just in case....

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