Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Letter of Support for St. Huberts

Below is the Mayfair Business Association's letter of support for St. Hubert's.

For more information, please go to Save St. Hubert's.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Most Reverend Charles J. Chaput, Archbishop of Philadelphia
C/O The Archdiocese of Philadelphia
222 North 17th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103-1299

Re: Closure of St. Hubert Catholic High School for Girls

Your Excellency:

Please accept this letter on behalf of the Mayfair Business Association (“MBA”) which represents the business community of Mayfair in Northeast Philadelphia. Many of our members are graduates of Catholic schools, especially Father Judge and St. Hubert’s. Our educations from these schools provided us with the skills to become successful, and equally or maybe more importantly the values to be the sort of businesspeople who contribute back to improve the community. Both schools have been long time anchors to our neighborhood. Losing St. Hubert’s would leave a huge void.

We respectfully ask that the alumni, parents, and local community be given the opportunity to not only save St. Huberts, but to help transform it into an institution that not just survives, but thrives, and continues to produce productive and responsible citizens.

After much retrenching, if the church wishes to make a stand, our community, with its decades of Catholic heritage, is the place to do it. Let us work together to reclaim the legacy left to us by earlier generations and to preserve and improve it for future generations.

Sincerely yours,

Mike Scotese

Cc: Joe Defelice, President, Mayfair Civic Association
Mary Benussi, President, Tacony Civic Association
Pete Naccaroto, President, Tacony CDC

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