Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Mike Perzel!!!

When I first sent out an email asking the Mayfair Business Association members to answer a brief bunch of questions for me, Mike Perzel from The Perzel Agency was the very first one to answer. I then sent him several follow-up questions which AGAIN he answered even before most of the other businesses even answered the first set of questions. From what I can tell, Mike applies this same type of attitude to his business; efficient, friendly, thorough, and prompt. Either that or the rest of the business are slackers and Mike is Superman. I'm going with Superman.

Mike has been in business for 15 years on Frankford Avenue and got into selling insurance because he always enjoyed sales and providing insurance gave him an opportunity to help people. He's a graduate of Lincoln High School and although he no longer lives in the Northeast (after living here for 40 years) he still has a brother that lives in the area. All of Mike's staff at the Perzel Agency are originally from Philly and several are from the Northeast including 4 from Mayfair.

Mike is currently working on several things in his office. I've been telling you about Mike's specials over the past couple of weeks which you can read again as soon as I start typing up this weeks installment of "This Week in Mayfair". Mike also has a website at and is also on Facebook and LinkedIn. He is particularly excited about The College Tuition Benefit which is a program that allows employees of a business to earn Free College Scholarships for their children, grandchildren, or extended family member's college tuition.

Mike likes doing business in Mayfair because it's a great neighborhood (which it is!). Besides his own business, Mike frequents several of the other local Mayfair businesses but his favorites are Torresdale Flowers, Geno's, Pat's Music and Infinity Jewelers.

Stop in and say hi to Mike and his wonderful staff to get a quote, explore the College Tuition Benefit, and see if Mike has a phone booth hiding somewhere in his office (check the back!!) at 7338 Frankford Avenue in Mayfair or call the office at 215-335-6878.

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