Thursday, September 20, 2012

Early Oktoberfest, Art and Water Ice at the Fall Festival!

Let's get right to one of the things I'm most excited about for the Mayfair Fall Festival and Farmers Market preview; The Grey Lodge Pub's Beer Garden or "Biergarten" for the true purist. 
 The Grey Lodge Pub and Scoats will be setting up keep and serving rounds of Philadelphia Brewing Company's Walt Wit and their fabulously named Kenz o'Lantern Pumpkin Ale (hilarious) on tap. Of course, since we are kicking off at the wee hour of 9am Scoats will be bringing orange juice to make Walt Wit Mimosas. Mmmmmm....beermosas + croissants + bagels = Sunday morning heavenly carb coma.

Scoats and crew will also be filling empty growlers and have a few empty ones for sale. Oh wait, what's a growler? Yeah, I had to look that up too. You would think with the amount I drink at times I would know what that is but Natty Ice really isn't considered "high class" even if I do drink it with my pinky out. Here's a picture:

We will be providing a couple of tables and some chairs for the Grey Lodge Pub beer garden, but you may be competing with the people sitting down and noshing at Lil' Dan's Gourmet Lunch truck (more about them later. Teaser: Gourmet Italian sandwiches. Prepare yourself.), or noshing and listening to our live music acts provided by Mike "SloMo" Brenner, The Father Judge Jazz Band, and Tricia Paffen with Nick Giannetti starting at 10am. So Scoats, being the brilliant, successful bar owner he is suggested that some people may want to bring their own chairs and make it Mayfair's very first flash beer garden (or biergarten if it makes you feel cooler). Either way it will be awesome.

 If you're a regular at the Pennypack Music Festivals you're probably familiar with Yo! Philly Ice. Theresa Colligan will be bringing her cart of delectable water ice and scooping for those of you who don't necessarily want to imbibe or are perhaps under the age of 21. Make sure you stop by and bring the kids by for one last taste of summer!

So now that we've fed your body it's time to feed your soul and broaden your horizons with art. MBA members and artists, Bill Becker and his partner Adam Elliot, will be attending with some original art from their store, Headquarters. Bill and Adam are amazing artists and if you haven't had a chance to stop by their store, do yourself a favor and get there to browse their licensed t-shirts, movie & comic book memorabilia, custom painted skateboards, sneakers, and anything else with a surface that you can paint on. I can't wait to see what they bring on Sunday and buy some new art for myself and get an early start on my Christmas list!

Here's a preview of some of the Halloween themed art from Bill and Adam:

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