Thursday, September 13, 2012

Who Loves to Laugh?

You know what isn't funny? The fact that I've been crazy busy all week with my kid starting preschool and it's thrown off my regular routing SO MUCH that I'm having a hard time adjusting. Please note: he's been there for a total of oh, about 2 hours this week!! I have serious issues (you knew that, though right?)

Alright, here's something for you to seriously laugh about. The Grey Lodge Pub is turning into a comedy club. No! Not permanently! No need to hoard growlers of specialty beer or anything so put the cooler down. Friday night they'll be hosting Comedy Combat Zone Productions Present: Comedy Night at The Grey Lodge Pub. Matt Reiss will headline a comedy show on the 2nd floor starting at 10pm and also appearing will be Dan Mahon, Darin Martinez, and Josh Jakubiw plus some other special guests. There will be a $7 cover charge for this one because comedians are greedy and won't work for just beer and drugs anymore. One more thing to blame on Dane Cook....

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