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Member Profile: Stan's Health Foods

Stan's Health Foods is one of those little niche shops that you typically find in "trendier" neighborhoods that we are lucky to have right in the heart of Mayfair. I had read some articles recently about the chemicals in kids shampoos and soaps and had freaked myself out enough that I practically ran to Stan's at 7161 Frankford Ave. I mean, I've known it's there but I never actually went IN the place mainly because I thought they only sold body-building stuff. I was on a mission to find some organic shampoo and bath and body products and was pleasantly surprised to find a whole bunch more!

I got to meet Lisa, one of the workers at Stan's and she let me wander around the store aimlessly, and ask dumb questions like "What does this do?" and "Is it true that peppermint oil is a natural bug repellant?" (it is!). She humored me the whole time and was very knowledgeable about all of the products in there.
No need Liam Neeson, just get some peppermint oil.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet the owner, Sharon, in person but she was nice enough to give me a call so I could get a little bit of background on Stan's.

Stan's was started by originally opened in 1984 by 2 brothers who wanted to open a health food store. Sharon, who was a Philadelphia police officer, was a customer during the early days. When she wasn't protecting the city she picked up a part-time job at Stan's and worked on her days off and weekends. After several years, the brothers decided to sell the store and they proposed that Sharon buy it. She agreed and went from being a  customer, to an employee and finally to an owner.

Sharon is still frequently found behind the counter along with her mom, her sister, her neices and many members of her family who help her run the place.

My poor kids on a summer's day. Mosquito buffet, no more!
So what kind of a treasure trove did I find at Stan's? One that I will definitely be returning for. Of course they have body building products, vitamins, supplements and all your healthy lifestyle needs but they also had all kinds of essential oils. I picked up some peppermint oil for my mosquito-bait munchkins and also some lemon and lavender oil to put in their vaporizers during cold season. Parents, you know it's coming and it really does help with coughs and colds, not to mention it makes the room smell great!! Stan's also has loose and bagged teas, speciality food items, natural honey, anti-aging products, and healthy snacks and drinks to go.  They also had the organic bath and body products I was looking for: soaps, shampoos, lotions, etc. TONS of stuff that you don't know about until you actually go in.

Mmmmmm...gluten free and teeming with little girl germs. No thanks, I'm good.
The thing I was most excited about were the gluten free foods that they offer. About 10 years ago, my dad was diagnosed with celiac disease which is a gluten allergy and if you have celiac disease you find out that gluten is in practically EVERYTHING!! Bread, pasta, many canned soups, foods, beer (I hope it's not genetic!) and lunchmeats. When he was first diagnosed, the only place we could find that really carried a selection of gluten-free stuff was at Whole Foods. Well, that was a hike and a pain in the butt to get too. So now I have a place very much closer to home to go to and get him stuff. They have baking items, snacks, everything! Gluten-free stuff isn't just for those with celiac disease. Many parents of autistic children often put their children on gluten free diets and report improvements in autism symptom. One of my best friends, who is also a type 1 diabetic has recently developed in intolerance to gluten. She found out that about 10% of type 1 diabetics also develop some form of a gluten allergy and tries to stay as gluten free as she possibly can. Get yourselves to Stan's Health Food for all of your gluten free needs!
Awwww! Thanks Ryan Gosling, you're the sweetest. Now take your shirt off.

Stan's is open 7 days a week and they have a newsletter that you can subscribe to by coming into the store, calling them to sign up, or by going to the website.  They also have a Facebook page here that you can "Like": Stan's Health Food and a website to check out more of their products and information: Stan's Health Food. Stan's offers a discount to police officers, firefighters and active military as a way of saying thank you for protecting and serving all of us.

Sharon is also a HUGE animal lover. She sells natural pet products and LOVES to have doggies and their owners visit the store! Sharon is extremely supportive of animal rescues and any animal related cause she can get involved in so grab the pooches and take them over to give big, wet, slobbery kisses to Sharon!
Ummmm, human that I love? Can we go to Stan's to get the good stuff? This isn't really doing it for me. Yes, I'm aware I lick my own butt.....

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I always thought that Stan's was a body building place too! Thanks for the info. I will check it out!